Trip USA - Summer 1999

Larry purchased a Beaver Contessa motor coach in the Spring of 1999. Larry had moved to La Quinta, CA into PGA West. People told him it gets over 125 degrees in August. So he went 'on the road' to mooch off the back-east friends and relatives. He spent time with Mike and Johnell McCauley [Cerebyte, Inc.] in Scottsdale, Gene and Ann Warren in Rio Verda, AZ [thanks for taking a few bucks from me on the golf course], Laura [Niece] and Don Moxley, Granville, OH, George Ellis in Mt. Vernon, OH [my best friend from high school], Bob and Judy Rebich, North Huntington, PA [Bob is my best cousin], Uncle John and Aunt Mary Mesich [my mom's brother], Bob and Bonnie [sister] Baylor, Lynette Tarrier [college friend], and toured Connecticut and Rhode Island with Cheryl Garfield visiting with some of her relatives.

Al Sieben joined me on my trip from Chicago to Lake Tahoe. We visited many of Al's friends along the way. Al grew up in Sterling, Nebraska. We then played golf at Incline Village in Lake Tahoe. I spent about three weeks at Tahoe Vista. Al and I played the Green Hills Green Tee member guest invitational over the Labor Day weekend. Our golf was not good but we had a great time. I parked the motor coach in Pacifica on the ocean. After Labor Day I headed up the coast and spent about a week in Coos Bay, Oregon, about a week in the Portland area then a few days in Victoria, BC. Meet with Bill Seidman [president and CEO of Cerebyte, Inc.] in Wilsonville, Oregon. Played golf with Kindy Sura a number of times. I had a chance to play 19 rounds of golf on some lovely courses during trip USA. I started back to the desert on October 5th making it back to La Quinta on the 10th.

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