Using FrontPage with Asp.Net - April 2011

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I recently created a static web site for a laundromat in Quartzsite, AZ. Click here to view the site. The home page was created by the process described in this tip. I used a combination of VS/2008 Asp.Net aspx pages and content created using FrontPage. The process worked well. It becomes the April 2011 tip-of-the-month.

The Application

I wrote a sample web app that demonstrates the process. The process is documented using captured screen images.

The resulting aspx page with FrontPage content.

Notice that the style is inherited from the Asp.Net application.
Maroon text and font sizes.

The FrontPage Application

FrontPage added as the open with default for htm files.
Add this to Visual Studio

The demo Visual Studio solution.
Download the source code below.

Operative Code

Use a StreamReader to get the FrontPage document.
It becomes the text for the defined table cell.

Download the VB.Net Code

Download the source code by clicking on the zipped file name.

Download - Source Zipped File Size
VS/2008 VB.Net, ASP.Net Solution 57K

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Updated 2011/05/02