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This month I depart from the usual VB.Net tip-of-the-month to document a puzzle solver. WonderWord is a puzzle published in hundreds of newspapers. I used Google search to try to find a 'solver' online but was unsuccessful. So I decided to write one. WonderWord Solver is documented on this page. Click here to run WonderWord Solver.

What is WonderWord [WW]

WonderWord is owned by David Ouellet's company and distributed by Universal Uclick. The WW puzzle consists of a 15 by 15 matrix of characters and a list of words. The objective is to find all the words in the matrix. Circle each word. The remaining un-circled characters spell out the solution.

We used 'WonderWord Solver' to find that the WonderWord is 'Batter'

What is WonderWord Solver [WWS]

WonderWord Solver [WWS] is a web application designed to help solve the puzzle. Click here to run WWS. The application is described below.

This is the first page displayed after connecting to WWS.
In this case the contributor is logged in and could edit his contributions.
The person cannot edit contributions made by others.

In this case 'Solve' was clicked on the 'Teddy Bear' puzzle.
The word 'Guardian' was clicked. WWS finds the word in the matrix.

Click the 'Edit' or 'Add a Puzzle' links to edit or add a puzzle.
The date, title and source are required.
The solution size should be entered.
Click 'Edit Matrix' or 'Edit Words' to perform those functions.

You can enter a row of characters at a time or 'paste' a string of characters into the 'large box'.
A row at a time is useful when entering the characters from a newspaper puzzle.
You can enter the characters as a string without spaces. For example: 'NYLONOITCETORPR'.
The characters can be entered in lower case. WWS converts the characters to upper case.

The large box is useful when copying the characters from an online source
then pasting them into WWS.

Enter words one at a time. Separate each word with a comma.
Words can be entered in lower case. WWS converts the word to upper case first letter, lower case the rest.
You can paste the entire set of words. Useful when using an online puzzle source.

Login using your email address and password.
If you click 'Remember Me' then you will be automatically logged in the next time.
'Remember Me' requires that cookies be enabled.

Register using the 'Register' button.
Only logged in persons can add puzzles or edit ones they have previously submitted.

Use this screen to register or change personal information.
If previously registered and logged in you can change your password via this screen.

After registering or logging in the list of puzzles is displayed.
If you have just registered you will be able to add a puzzle.
Note: Others have contributed all the existing puzzles.

You can unregister by displaying your profile then click 'Unregister'.
This action will delete your profile from WWS and remove any puzzles you may have contributed.
This action cannot be undone.

You can delete the puzzle if you contributed it.
A warning message is issued. Click 'OK' if you really want to delete it.

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Updated 2011/07/10