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Again this month I depart from the usual VB.Net tip-of-the-month to document a puzzle solver. CryptoQuote is a puzzle published in hundreds of newspapers. I used Google search to try to find a 'solver' online but was unsuccessful. So I decided to write one. CryptoQuote Solver is documented on this page. Click here to run CryptoQuote Solver.

What is CryptoQuote [CQ]

The CryptoQuote published on July 9, 2011
in the Eugene Oregon, Register-Guard newspaper.

CryptoQuote Solver [CQS]

The page is shown the first time you launch CQS.
You can solve CQs but you will not be able to save your results unless you are registered.
Solutions are saved in a database. CQS identifies the solution with the person logged in.

This is a list of existing CQs.
In this example a person is not logged in. They can solve CQs but not add any.
They are sorted by the most recent published date first.
You can change the selected date range by clicking the 'here' link.
December 3, 2011 - Create your own puzzle. Click 'Create a Puzzle'.

The 'here' link was clicked.
Use this page to change the range of CQs to be displayed.

If not logged in the person cannot save solutions to CQs.

Register using the profile page.
In this example Fred Smith has previously registered and uses this page
to update his profile or enter a new password.

When you click login you are presented with this page.
If previously registered enter you email address and password then click Login.
If you are not yet registered then click the Register button.

Fred has clicked the 'Add Puzzle' button.
Enter an attribution name, published date, source and location.
Enter a coded message then click 'Save'.

December 3, 2011 - Colors indicate the number of times the letter appears in the coded message.

Solve the CQ. In this example A becomes R, F to T, and Q to H.
Click 'Apply' after entering one or more characters.
The decoded characters are shown in red.
The alphabetic characters are shown in color with a popup that indicates the number.
In this example the letter Y appears 9 times in the coded message.

Color Occurrences
Black 8 or more
Green 4-7
Yellow 1-3
Red None

While solving puzzles contributed by others you can use the 'Hint' button.
If the contributor has solved the CQ then after clicking 'Hint' a
randomly selected substitution character is shown as the hint.
In this example the letter M should be replaced with the letter J.
You can continue to use the hint button until the CQ is solved.

In this example 'Hint' was pressed but there are no more available hints.
Either you solved the CQ or the contributor did not solve it.

Click 'Save' to store your work into a database. Click 'Cancel' to return to the list of CQs.
While viewing a CQ you can click the Older or Newer buttons to display an earlier or later CQ.

Click here to run CryptoQuote Solver.

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Updated 2011/12/03