About Larry Rebich

I am a contractor who develops software using Visual Basic. In November 1998 I completed a 3 year project for Hewlett-Packard to develop a Market Research tool. From 1997 to 2016 I developed products for Cerebyte, Inc. I wrote the original suite using VB 4, 32-bit, Jet 2.0, and associated API's. I converted them to VB6 in mid-August 1998. The current desktop version is 6.0. The product was chosen in March 2001 by magazine Computer Retail News as the best product in the Knowledge Management category. In 2008 we converted the the application to run on the Internet using Asp.Net, VB.Net and SQL Server 2005. It is known as Infinos 7.0. In 2014 Cerebyte had me create an application called UrSof. For more info about Cerebyte click here or on the logo.

Cerebyte, Inc.

Web Authoring Tools

These web documents were created by saving some original Word documents in HTML format. Manual conversion was performed using Microsoft FrontPage Express. The documents were then transmitted to the ISP [Earthlink] using WS_FTP32. I have since purchased and am using the professional version of WS_FTP which is available from www.ipswitch.com. Frame supported web documents were created using Microsoft's FrontPage 98 on 1998/07/21. I began using FrontPage 2000 in October, 1999. I've been using FrontPage 2002 since June 2001. I am currently using FrontPage 2003.

I am now using the skills I learned developing this site to create web sites for other companies. The sites are for an award winning tire store [Redwood General Tire at redwoodgeneral.com], and an insurance agency [AG Sieben & Associates at agsieben.com]. Redwood General's site was selected as the tire dealer February 2001 site of the month by Tire Review magazine. I'd be glad to develop a site for you.

I am now doing most of my development work using Visual Studio 2008 to develop interactive web sites. SQL Server, Asp.Net and VB.Net are the tools I'm using. I recently completed an RV Park reservation system for Premier RV Resorts. Click here to link to that site.

Resume and Reference Letter

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