Chassis Battery Disconnection

November 15, 2012 - New Coach Batteries

On November 15, David Thorp of DRT Transport installed 4 new coach batteries. While installing the batteries his helper, Andrew, took out the back, chassis battery to adjust the battery tie-down. As it turned out he failed to reconnect one of the wires. More later.

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Purchase Coach Batteries
New Battery Invoice.

New Batteries
New Batteries.

November 26, Depart Rancho Casa Blanca

On November 26, I prepared to depart the resort. I packed-up and got ready to leave. When I attempted to start the coach nothing happened. Thinking that the problem may have something to do with the new batteries I called David Thorp. He came over and checked the batteries. I called Monaco and several other people. While talking to Monaco, David was given the name of the nearest Beaver service company. Colton Truck Terminal Garage is located in Colton, CA. It is about 80 miles east of Indio on I-10. The only way to get the coach there was to have it towed. So Steve, of Colton Truck, arranged for Superior Towing to pick-up the coach. James and George arrived about 1:30. They had to pull the coach out of its space. It took them about 2 hours to hook-up the coach. They arrived back in Colton about 5:00. I spent the night 'dry camping' in the Colton Truck's parking lot. Cost for towing: $1,250.00.

Superior Towing
Towing Invoice - Click to Enlarge.

November 27, Find the Problem

On November 27, Mike of Colton Truck spent about 4 hours diagnosing and finally finding the problem. It turns out the chassis battery had a wire that was not connected. Mike reconnected the wire and the coach started immediately. Cost $402.50.

Colton Trucking
Colton Invoice - Click to Enlarge.

Enlarged Diagnosis

Disconnected Wire
Disconnected Wire - Click to Enlarge.

Before - Wire Not Connected
Photo taken just after new batteries installed.
After - Wire Connected
Photo taken just after wire reconnected by Mike.

Zerk Fitting

As part of the towing process the Driveline is removed. It was reinstalled by Mike. A Zerk [grease] fitting was replaced by Mike.


David reimbursed me for the cost incurred. The following reimbursement was made:

Superior Towing   $1250.00
Colton Truck   $402.50
Patriot Diesel 80 miles $40.00
Honda Gasoline 80 miles $10.00
Total $1702.50

I drove my car from Indio to Colton. Cost about $10.00. I had to drive my coach from Colton back to Indio. It costs 50 cents a mile to drive the coach - cost about $40.00


I received a check from David on December 24th for $1702.50. He mailed the check to me at Fort McDowell.

Updated 2013/04/17