2003 Beaver Patriot and 2004 Honda Pilot Service
From purchase in 2004 through 2009

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History - Customization, Changes, Additions, Service

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Salesman's Switch
Bypassed Salesman's Switch Relay
2009/07/13 Post Falls, Idaho - The coach lost 12 volt power unexpectedly 3 times. One failure came at a critical time while I was driving over the Lolo Pass near Missoula, MT. There is a switch near the front door called 'Coach Power'. The switch is also known as the 'Salesman's Switch' because it can be used by a salesman to disable all 12 volt power to the coach. The salesman uses this switch to turn off 12 volt coach items after showing the coach to a prospective buyer. The switch and related relay are known to fail. The solution is to bypass the switch at the relay. While in Post Falls, ID, I had Dan Knop of Dan's RV Mobile Service bypass the relay. Phone 208-682-3032. About $120.
Yokohama Prodigy H/T Tire 2009/02/04 Indio, California - At 35,000 miles, today I replaced the car's tires with four Yokohama Prodigy H/T Tires. Size: P235/70R-16. I bought the tires from America's Tire in Indio. Cost about $550.
Wheel Shades
Wheel Shades
2008/11/19 - I purchased four solar shades to cover the wheels from Solar Shades & More, Indio, CA area. Phone: Marie Emanualson, 760-641-8406. About $500. Notice how the shades warp in the extended slide. The shades have a pocket in the bottom into which I inserted 3/4" PVC. Marie suggested that I fill the pipes with sand but leaving them empty seems OK. Click on either photo to view an enlargement. Cost about $500.
Balance Masters 2008/04/16 - I purchased active wheel balancers for the front wheels from Balance Masters. The balancers were installed by TTS Truck Parts in Murrieta, CA. See the Balance Masters
HDTV - Bedroom 2007/02/17 - A High Definition TV System was installed in the coach by Gerardo Manzi. Click here or on the TV for more information. Cost about $10K. I sold the old TVs on the Palm Springs Craig's List for $125.

The system was upgraded in November 2015. Click here to view the upgrade.

Hector preps the front cap. 2006/04/211 - I had the front cap repainted and 3M Scotch Guard Paint Protection Film installed. Rock chips had taken their toll. The 3M film prevents rocks from chipping the paint. The work was done at the ThePaintDepartment in Chino, CA. Hector preps the front cap. Cost about $2,700.
Select Comfort Mattress 2006/03/26 Indio, California. Today I installed a Select Comfort mattress to replace the queen mattress that came with the coach. Click here to see photos and narrative of the installation process. Cost about $900.
Vigia Automatic Tire Pressure System - Click for details. 2005/04/12 Long Beach, California. Today I had the Vigia - Automatic Tire Pressure System installed on the Patriot. Click here for photos and more information. I purchased the system from Ruben Giosa. If you purchase the system please let Ruben know that I recommended it to you. He pays a small finders fee. Cost about $3,200.
Davis Cabintes Work Station 2005/02/02 - I had a custom workstation made by Davis Cabinets, Junction City, OR. Cost about $1,600.
In Sink Erator - Badger 1 On/Off Switch 2004/12 - I had an In Sink Erator Badger 1 garbage disposal installed. Plumber friend, Rich Battion, installed the disposal - $100. And gouging, Premier Motor Coach Service installed the electrical service - $400. This was last time I  will every use Premier Motor Coach Service. They are very expensive. They thought that my extended warranty would cover all their costs and they were not.

2015/10 - The disposal began leaking. I had it replaced. Click here to see the replacement.

2004/09/15 - I had a second leveling system installed. The standard system automatically levels the coach by pushing jacks down onto the axels. This works fine but the coach sways - the tires flex - causing annoying rocking. Kaiser Brake of Eugene, OR installed the Big Foot Leveling System from Quadra Manufacturing. The jacks actually touch the ground eliminating sway. Cost about $3,000.

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