2003 Beaver Patriot and 2018 Chevrolet Equinox Service
From 2015 through 20

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History - Customization, Changes, Additions, Service

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2017/11/27 - The motor coach's door would not open again. I called Jaime Camarillo [Benlo RV II 760-342-0978] again. See below 2016/03/08. And he was able to get it open. Neighbor Larry Smith helped. Cost $100.00. The door may have been locked using the outside number pad.
Jamie and Larry
2017/10/11 - A few weeks ago an SMI Air Force One system was installed on the Patriot. It provides braking action to a towed vehicle. In this case the new Chevrolet Equinox. The system is controlled by the SMI Coach Air Connection Assembly [the unit] which is mounted on the Patriot's chassis. The unit was installed by Guaranty RV Inc of Junction City, OR. It was installed in a position that came in contact with the frame. The location allowed the unit to fail as it rubbed against the frame. Mark Armstrong, Mobile Diesel Medic, fixed the problem. Click here to view a page that describes the fix.
Mark Armstrong fixed the system.
Click the photo to view details.
2017/09/14 - It had been a number of years since the Patriot's wheels had been aligned. Today, TEC Equipment did a three axel alignment. There was significant adjustment needed. Mike Spurgeon, Service Advisor, wrote up the work order. Brian Clark did the work. Total cost was $453.60. The coach may still be pulling right as I drive down the freeway.
Mike Spurgeon
Brian Clark
Rear Axels
Front Axel
Invoice with Brian's Comments - Click to view the entire invoice.
2017/09/13 - The Guaranty RV Supercenter modified the Equinox to make it 4 wheels down towable. David Dollens, RV Service Advisor, was in change of the project. Total cost $3,632.93.
David Dollens
Installing Base Plate and Wiring
Car Hookups
Coach Hookups
2017/09/11 -Today Manny Pelayo worked on 3 things. He installed a new kitchen sink faucet, replaced the failing propane detector with a new detector that also detects carbon monoxide and crimped a loose battery cable. Total cost $300. He is a true professional. Affordable Mobile RV Service. Cell: 541-343-3492.
2017/09/06 - Once again this year I had the Patriot serviced at Mid-Lane Truck & Equipment Repair. Ben Needham is the General Manager and service tech Jeff Schauer did the work. They do a great job and are reasonable - $387.99 for the full service. The facilities roof had some major leaks and they are getting ready to reseal it. It was being power washed.
Ben and Jeff
The Patriot - And Roof Power Washer
2017/08/01 - Nico, from Batteries Northwest, Salem, Oregon, replaced the 4 coach batteries today. They were 5 years old. A problem occurred because one of the cables came loose - and the 12 volt lights in the coach were flickering. It must have come loose when I was filling the batteries yesterday. Total cost $632.00.
New Batteries
New Batteries
Disconnected Connection
Disconnected Connection
2017/07/17 - Steve, at Jack's Country Store in Ocean Park WA, installed a new battery in the Pilot. The old one was 5 years old and had failed to start the car after I arrived at the Ocean Bay Mobile and RV Park. Total cost installed was $80.99. Thanks Steve. Steve was in the Navy for 4 years on a submarine. He has a son who is in the Marines and is currently stationed in Afghanistan.
Steve Installs New Battery
2017/05/17, 2017/05/25 and 2017/06/01 - Manny Pelayo replaced the Girard awning's anemometer. When the wind speed gets high the awning is automatically retracted. The prior one had lost one of it's arms and made a loud, annoying vibration during a strong breeze. He also serviced the Hydra Hot furnace. And installed new slide out awnings. Total cost: $1,341.20. Manny is a true professional - highly recommended. Phone: 541-343-3492, cell 541-731-9137. He works exclusively in the Eugene area.
2017/09/05 - The anemometer's wind speed setting needed to be adjusted. The awning was not retracting until a very, very strong wind was blowing. Manny found the adjustment panel, in the right portion of the slide-out, and changed the setting from 22 to 7. 
Manny with the new Anemometer
Manny with New Anemometer
Manny replaces the Slide Out Awnings
Manny replaces the Slide Out Awnings
2017/05/31 - Freightliner of Coburg replaced the Allison transmission. When I left the desert the radiator had failed and allowed water into the transmission. It caused the transmission to fail. Service Advisor, Matt O’Brien is pictured with the new transmission. Service Technician, Jason did the repair work. It took him 12 hours. The transmission was built in Michigan and shipped via FedEx to Coburg. It weights 950 pounds. It cost $6,883.14. Total cost parts and labor was $9,210.30. Paul Williams let me stay in his coach last night - he stores it here at the Premier RV Resort. Paul is the CEO of Premier RV Resorts.
Matt with new Transmission
Matt with the new Transmission
Jason driving the Coach
Jason driving the Coach
2017/04/24 - The bezel covering the left side of the drivers seat came loose. I used crazy glue and duct tape to repair it.
- It did not hold. More repairs needed.
The Failing Plastic Connectors
Fixed with Crazy Glue and Duct Tape
2017/04/20 - The ice maker's water line developed a leak. Martin Orozco-Medina and Fernando Galvan of Horizon RV, Bakersfield, CA, fixed the leak. Very professional. They worked for Camping World at one time. Highly recommended. Cost $100.
Fernando and Martin
2017/04/01 to 2017/04/12 - The radiator failed. It allowed water to enter the transmission. Beltran's Truck Repair replaced the radiator [84540 Mitchell Dr, Coachella, CA 92236, 760-398-3479.] The transmission still needs to be serviced. The radiator was manufactured by Radiator Supply House, Sweet Home, Oregon. It was shipped via Reddaway. Cost: $4,465.00 radiator, $1,994.70 service, total $6,459.70.
Some of the Beltran's Crew - Gume Beltran [owner - left most] - Jonathan Beltran [owner's son - center most]
The Beltran's Crew
Taking out the old radiator.
Taking out the old radiator.
The new one in the box.
The new one in the box.
2017/03/31 - Ramona Tire, Indio, installed 4 new Firestone Destination P235/70R16 tires on the Pilot. They also replaced the four shock absorbers. Collin Stone, Assistant Manager, was most helpful. The shocks had never been changed and the car has over 80,000 miles on it. They needed to be replaced badly. Total cost: $1,971.74. The tires were last replaced on 2009/02/04 at 35,000 miles. Click here to see that entry.
Neighbor Mary Ann Shows New Tires
Mary Ann Shows New Tires
New Firestone Destination Tire
New Tire
Firestone P235/70R16
Firestone P235/70R16
2016/12/17 - Miguel Rodriguez, of Rodriguez Upholstery, adjusted the height of the fixture that covers the drapery. It was always too long. I had him adjust it. Cost $40. His address: 81600 Industrial Pl, Indio, CA 92201, phone: (760) 863-5592. He did some work for me last year. He has a great sense of humor - very professional and has been in business a long time - highly recommended. His son, Miguel, works with him now.
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez
Before adding the cover.
Newly Covered
After adding the cover.
2016/11/02 - After many years of use the toilet seat needed to be replaced. The paint was starting to wear off. I bought a new one from Ron at Ardemco Inc. [800-253-0115]. Cost $117.12 including shipping. For more photos click here.
2016/11/02 - The screen door can be detached from the front door so that the front door can be opened but the screen door can be closed to keep the bugs out. The screen door's attachment came loose and the front door could not be opened from the inside. Jaime Camarillo, Benlo RV II, figured out the problem and fixed it. He used a larger screw and solved the problem. Cost $60. He had done some work on the door on March 8th, 2016, see below. I thought that the problem he fixed in March had reoccurred - fortunately it had not. Had I known the problem I could have fixed it - but $60 later ... New Larger Screw
2016/09/09 - Paul, the store manager, at the local NAPA store in Springfield, OR replaced the Honda's windshield wiper blades for me. Cost $25.43. Now I can see thru the windshield much better. Thanks Paul for installing them for me. I also bought a gallon of wiper fluid - $1.99.
2016/09/08 - The roof mounted air conditioners are covered with a plastic hood. They had started to disintegrate. Manny Pelayo replaced them today. Manny had them in stock. Total cost $300.00.  He spends most of his time in the Eugene area. Contact Manny at 541-731-9137. Manny has done work on the Patriot before.
2016/08/30 - The Honda Pilot's driver's side rear window dropped down. It failed while I was in Eugene a month ago. The Tonkin Gresham Honda dealer in Troutdale, OR fixed it today. The window regulator had failed. It was replaced. Click here or on the graphic to view an 8 minute YouTube video showing how to replace a window regulator. Total cost $291.64. I had been using suction cups to hold the window up while awaiting the fix. The dealer's service was outstanding and Debra Reeves, service advisor, was most helpful. Recommended. Click to View a YouTube Video
Click to View a YouTube Video
2016/08/04 - I used Mid-Lane Truck & Equipment Repair in Eugene, OR again for the Patriot's annual service. I have used them a number of times before. This past year I drove the coach only about 3,000 miles so the service needed was minimal. Rob did the service in Mid-Lane's parking lot. Rob has serviced the coach before - he is a true professional - highly recommended. Total cost $159.04.
Rob Services the Patriot.
Rob Services the Patriot.
Serviced in the Mid-Lane parking lot.
Serviced in the Mid-Lane parking lot.
2016/05/06 - Somewhere along I-5 from Novato to Redding one of the mirrors fell off. I ordered a new one from Ramco Engineering. Cost with shipping was $49.77. Fred Townsend installed the new one for me. Fred is a handy man who with his wife, Cheryl, are fulltime RV'ers. Fred was my neighbor at the Premier RV Resort in Redding.
Fred installs the new mirror.
Fred Installs New Mirror
The bad mirror's location.
The bad mirror's location.
2016/03/11 - Yesterday I bought a Vizio E32-C1 TV from Costco for $241.59 to replace the Samsung TV that I bought a week ago. See below. Neighbor Mary Ann Von Bank helped me install it. Thanks Mary Ann. It is a 'smart TV' that uses an Internet connection. Beside watching TV I can view NetFlix, YouTube and other applications.

2016/03/17 - To improve the sound coming from the new TV, I bought a Yamaha ATS-1050 Sound Bar at Costco for $205.19.
2016/07/24 - The sound bar did not work out so I gave it to Dave Hill, the manager of the Premier RV Resort in Salem.

Mary Ann Vizio E32-C1
Yamaha ATS-1050
2016/03/08 - The front door of the coach would not open. The latch got disconnected somehow. I had to crawl thru a window to open the door. Jaime Camarillo [Benlo RV II 760-342-0978] came to the rescue. He reattached the latch to the opening mechanism. He has helped me in the past. He is very professional. Highly recommended. Cost $120.
Jamie Camarillo
Jaime Camarillo, Benlo RV
2016/03/03 - The front mounted 27" TV failed. I replaced it with a Samsung 32" 525D TV that I bought at Costco for $267.19. Mary Ann Von Bank, my neighbor, helped me install it. It has an Internet connection which allows NetFlix, YouTube and more to be viewed. The larger screen is welcome. It takes up less space than the old 27" TV.
2016/03/11 - I returned the Samsung TV. I watch a lot of TV with the volume's mute on. The Samsung TV has a mute icon that does not go away. It keeps flashing in the left margin and is very distracting. I talked to the Samsung people for an hour and they finally admitted that there is no way to turn off the icon. So it went back to Costco. I replaced it with a Vizio E32-C1 - see above.
Michelson Putting - Samsung 32" 525D TV
Michelson Putting - Samsung 32 Inch 525D TV
2015/11/02 - Cal Thorne of Advanced Satellite replaced the Patriot's satellite TV antenna and controller with an RF Mogul Eagle system. The old system [click here to view the old system installation] was no longer available and recent DirecTV changes made it obsolete. Now the system is up-to-date. Cal is a true professional. He has installed hundreds of satellite TV systems. Phone: 541-607-8968. Cal lives in Eugene, OR in the summer and in La Quinta, CA in the winter. His son, Lance, recently joined the business and runs the Eugene operation. Total cost $2,250. 
Cal Thorne
Cal Thorne with the Old Dish
RV Mogul Eagle on the Patriot
RV Mogul Eagle on the Patriot
2015/10/22 - Eleven years [click here to see the initial installation] ago I had an InSinkErator Badger 1 Garbage Disposal installed in the Patriot's kitchen sink. Recently it started leaking. I bought a replacement at Lowe's while in Paso Robles, CA. Ron Chadwick [Pro Handyman] installed it. It seems quieter than the old one. Ron is a true professional - 805-423-3333. Total cost $191.76.
Badger 1
Badger 1 - Stock Photo
2015/09/23 - While back in Eugene, Manny Pelayo installed a new coax cable for the 'off air' antenna. Now I can get off air HD TV. Off air means over the air local TV. And he replaced the leaking ShurFlo Chrome Wall Mount Filler/Regulator. Total cost $200. Manny is a true professional. Contact Manny at 541-731-9137. He did some work for me earlier in the summer.
Manny Repairs the Off-Air Antenna
Manny Repairs the Off-Air Antenna
ShurFlo Replaced
ShurFlo Replacedx
2015/09/17 - While in Florence, Oregon, Keith Jackson fixed three water leaks in the service bay. He is a professional - highly recommended. Call 541-999-7055. Keith's RV Repair & Mobile Service is located in Florence. Cost $250. 
Keith Fixes the Leaks
One of the Offending Leaks in these Hoses
2015/07/14 - While in Salem, Oregon, Jason Baker, Bakerz Customs LLC, replaced the Patriot's engine starter batteries. They had failed to start the coach the other day while parked. His 13 year old daughter, Mykyla, is his assistant. Cost for 2 new batteries and installation was $300. Jason is a professional - recommended. Call: 541-910-8046. EMail: bakerzcustoms@gmail.com.
Jason and Mykyla
Jason and Mykyla
Replaced Batteries
Replaced Batteries
2015/06/04 - Hitch Pro & Tow [Eugene, OR] serviced the car's tow bar and replaced the stone guard. Manager Ken Banyard had ordered a new stone guard for me. Brian Wilson did the stone guard maintenance and Sean Stewart worked on the tow bar. I have been using Hitch Pro & Tow for many years. A very professional shop with professional service employees. Highly recommended. Total cost of the parts and service was $784.98.
2015/09/22 - Today Pat Rickles installed new disengagement handle grips. I had ordered them when last here. Cost $19.99.
Brian Wilson
Sean Stewart
Pat Installs New Grips
Pat Installs New Grips
New Grips Installed
New Grips Installed
2015/06/03 - The driver's side slide would not retract. Manny Pelayo replaced the Power Gear relay. Part number 14-1130. He had some in his trailer. Cost $300.
Power Gear 14-1130
Manny Pelayo2015/05/28 - Manny Pelayo serviced the coach's furnace and a few other items today. Cost $200. He provides on-site service to a number of parks in the Eugene area. He is a true processional. He no longer has a web site - he was getting too much business and dropped it. He lives in Eugene. He spends the winter in Yuma and services rigs there. Cell phone number: 541-731-9137. EMail address is: affordablemrv@msn.com.
2015/05/26 - Once again I had the Patriot serviced at Mid-Lane Truck & Equipment Repair in Eugene, OR. Mark did the work. Total $590.80 which was reasonable. Recommended.
Mid-Lane Truck & Equipment Repair
Mid-Lane Truck & Equipment Repair

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