2003 Beaver Patriot and 2018 Chevrolet Equinox Service
During 2018

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History - Customization, Changes, Additions, Service

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2018/12/19 - The 'porch lights' had to be replaced. If I forget to turn off the switch the bulbs could burn out. Fortunately I had some spares. I ordered a new supply from eBay. The step light part number is 1445. The over the door light part number is 95506. Total cost $17.59. The replacement bulbs are stored with other light fixture items in the cabinet just to the right and below the bathroom sink.
Step Light
Step Light Part number 1445
Step Light Bulbs as Shipped

Over the Door Light

Bulbs 95506

- Wayne Howard of Howard's RV Repair checked the Hydro-Hot system and could not find any problems. It would not fail for him. He made some minor adjustments and told me to call him if the problem persists. Service call charge was $50.

- Periodically the Hydro-Hot system has to be reset. It requires that the cover be removed and the Low Voltage Reset needs to be tripped. I use a golf tee to do it. It failed last night and I had to reset it today. The system provides on demand hot water and is the 'furnace' for the coach. The two roof mounted air-conditioners can act as 'heat-pumps'. That was used last night to provide heat inside the coach. Lancaster, CA outside temperatures got down into the 40s - the heat pumps kept the inside of the coach comfortable.
Control Panel - Use a Golf Tee to Reset the System
The exposed Hydro-Hot System

- While hooking up the water to the coach the valve that directs the water to the holding tank or to the water lines broke. Randall [R. J.] Gibbons at RV Services was able come up with a valve that works. Not exactly the same but does the job. R. J. is the guy in Yreka who fixes RVs. Thanks Randall. Cost $13. Now I can take a shower.
Randall Gibbons
Randall's Business Card
New and Old Valves
Valve broke off from here.
New valve in place.

- The satellite signal was breaking up. After trying to repair the old system Lance Thorne, Advanced Satellite, replaced the old dish and controller with an upgraded Eagle II system from RF Mogul. His dad, Cal, had installed the older system in November 2015. Click here to see that installation. Cost $2,100. Now it is 'picture perfect'.
Lance pointing to the new Eagle II.
Lance made many trips to the roof of the coach.
The new Eagle II Satellite Antenna Controller. Note the double eagles.
When Search is selected the system moves the dish to find the DirecTV satellites.

- Manny Pelayo installed a new battery powered carbon monoxide detector in the bedroom. The old one should have been replaced years ago. Cost installed $80. Thanks Manny.

- The Chevrolet Equinox had tiny speckles on the windshield. When driving toward the sun the speckles sparkled and made it difficult to see. The dealer was not able to remove them. So I took the car to Olsen's Auto Glass and they were able to remove the speckles using a razor blade. Then they used a glass cleaner to remove the residue. Jim Olsen and his crew were very helpful. The shop was started many years ago by Jim's grandfather. Hats of to the team. Highly recommended. The car's photo is from the Chevrolet Equinox web site.

2018 Chevy Equinox

- Installed 2 Pull Strap Catches that now allow the driver's side awning to be positioned into three places. I only needed 2 catches so I have 6 extras. I gave 4 of them to Manny Pelayo. Click here to see the prior, single connection.
2018/06/25 - Ordered and received  8 each Pull Strap Catches from Carefree Colorado. Cost $67.76. They are used to attach the awning's strap to the coach. Click here to see details.

- Manny Pelayo installed a new awning over the drivers side windows. The old awning was showing lots of wear. This completes the projects Manny started on May 4th. Click here to see the work done on the 4th. Total cost for all the work was $865.85. Affordable Mobile RV Service. Cell: 541-343-3492.

- Lance Thorne of Advanced Satellite stopped by to help me with the coach's surround sound audio system. His dad, Cal, installed the latest DirecTV system on November 2nd, 2015 while I was in Indio, CA at Rancho Casa Blanca. Click here to see that installation. Lance was most helpful. Now I have a nice surround sound audio system.  Phone: 541-607-8968.
Lance Thorne

2018/05/10 - Last year I had the motor coaches' tires aligned by TEC Equipment. Brian Clark did the work. Mike Spurgeon, Service Advisor, handled the paper work. Click here to see the work done last year. After alignment last year the coach seemed to always pull to the right. Today Brian fixed that. They performed the work at no charge. We test drove the coach on the I-5 freeway. The coach no longer pulls to the right - the alignment is now good. Unfortunately the Vigia system was not attached to the rear tires and consequently the Vigia connectors were damaged. They repaired and returned on June 14th. Click here to see the damaged and repaired Vigia connectors.
Brian Clark and Mike Spurgeon
Front Tire being Aligned
Alignment Equipment

- Jeff Schauer of Mid-Lane Truck & Equipment Repair simplified the diesel fuel filter process. He eliminated a number of components that were unnecessary and known to fail. Jeff also checked the engine and generator. I have driven the coach only 2300 miles since the last full service so I did not need to have the engine fully serviced - just checked. Total cost $430.82. I have used Mid-Lane a number of times in the past. Very processional and highly recommended. Call Ben Needham, General Manager, at 541-345-7570 if your coach needs service.
Jeff Schauer
Before and After

2018/05/04 - Manny Pelayo performed a number of service items on the motor coach. Including replacing the thermostats. They were giving incorrect readings. He also serviced the Hydro-Hot system. Other items: 1. The refrigerator was not cold enough, 2. He showed me how to force the air to dump from the coach by repeatedly pressing the coach's brake, and 3. The dining room table fastener had broken. He is ordering a new window awning for the driver's side slide out. He is a true professional. Affordable Mobile RV Service. Cell: 541-343-3492. Manny suggested that I buy coiled safety cables at Camping World - and I did - $88.88. Fred Townsend helped me install them - Fred helped me while I was in Redding a  couple years ago. Thanks Fred.
Manny Pelayo
Comfort Control Center
Coiled Safety Cables - Stock Photo

- While in Redding, CA, Kenneth Keller of Keller Mobile RV Repair fixed the hydro-hot system. The diesel heater was not coming on. He found a loose wire and fixed it. Thanks Ken. Recommended - 530-776-3084. 
Ken Keller

- Once a year I try to have the coach washed and waxed. This year I had the interior carpet professionally cleaned - in this case by Alfred Santiago. He is the son of the owner of Santiago's Mobile RV's & Details - who did the wash and wax. Alfred did a great job. Phone: 760-673-2061. The next day Sandra Sanchez did a thorough house cleaning of the inside of the coach. She works for the Ultra Prestige Cleaning Service, phone 760-393-9013.  Highly recommended.

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