Select Comfort Mattress - Installation

March 2006 - I purchased a Select Comfort 3000 mattress on e-Bay for about $650 plus $150 shipping. Initially I put the pump at the foot of the bed. The pump kept getting in the way and I was not sure what to do about it when the bedroom slide was retracted. After some study and suggestions from the Monaco user's group [on Yahoo] I purchased the Select Comfort hose extension kit [2 each 4 foot hoses] directly from the manufacturer.

I took these photos to show how I was able to place the pump under the bed and secure the hoses using Velcro straps. The pump is not secured. It sits on the floor under the bed. Fortunately there was a 1 1/2" wide plywood strip at the head of the bed which I was able to remove. The hoses, control lines and power cord protrude through that opening.

September 2007 - I purchased a pump with digital controls and a wireless remote control on eBay. About $60. I sold the old pump on eBay for about $75. The photos, shown below, were taken before I began using the wireless remote control.

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There is a 'trap door' under the head of the bed. I put the pump on the floor in this area and secured the hoses with Velcro straps. I purchased 4 foot extension hoses from Select Comfort. About $20.00. There appears to be a 110 volt junction box under the bed which could, perhaps, be used for the power cord. Something to look at another day.
The right and left hoses, control wires and power cord are secured to the bed frame. The control wires are not needed if the wireless control is used.
The right hose, control and power cord protrude through the 'strip' opening.
The left hose and control protruding through the opening.
A hose inserted into the mattress cover.
A hose inserted thru the cover and under the foam rail.
Both extended hoses inserted through the mattress cover and under the foam rail.
A hose extension attached to a bladder.
Wireless Remote The wireless remote control is part of the pump system I purchased in September 2007.
The bladders inflated. Note a foam strip separates the bladders.
A foam topper goes down before the cover is secured.
I believe this was an optional item purchased by the prior owner.
Secure the top using a zipper.

I put a mattress cover over the top to protect it. I bought a mattress cover at WalMart for about $25.

The bottom fitted sheet is installed.
I have used 'centerlines' on sheets for years. They help line-up the sheets - especially the top sheet.
The completed bed.

I have been very happy with the bed. No more sore back in the morning.

Highly recommended.

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Updated 2009/06/11