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Gerardo Manzi Gerardo Manzi Gerardo Manzi - Gerardo installed the MotoSAT HDTV Satellite dish on the motor coach. He installed the system on February 17, 2007. He spent the entire day on the project. Total cost about $7500 including the TVs which were about $2500 for both. Gerardo is a true professional.

July 2009 - I have been told that Gerardo has sold the business. I don't have any details.

Gerardo and Murielle Manz March 13, 2009 - Gerardo and Murielle Manzi stop by to help me understand how to get off-air local TV stations via the DirecTV receiver. Gerardo and Murielle have been very busy installing MotoSAT systems. People are upgrading their coaches rather than buying new ones.
RV Satellite Systems RV Satellite Systems - Gerardo owns and operates, with his wife Murielle, RV Satellite Systems. Phone: 760-702-4921. He winters in Indio, CA and summers in the Northwest. E-Mail: mgmanzi@aol.com
MotoSAT HD SL-5 LNB Satellite Dish Mark FueryMotoSAT Universal HD Antenna - HD-SL5 - February 13, 2008 - Today Gerardo Manzi installed a 5 LNB dish which receives a signal from 5 satellites. He replaced the original 3-LNB MHDTV. DirecTV now offers over 100 HD channels so a new MotoSAT dish is required. The Nomad controller was changed at the same time. Gerardo was able to sell the old dish and controller for $400. Total cost for the new installation, including the batwing HD antenna shown next, was $2,745.

The photos were taken at the FMCA Rally in Pomona, CA on February 27th. Mark Fuery, MotoSAT's graphic artist, answered a lot of questions for me.

MotoSAT 5 LNB Head Five LNB Head - February 13, 2008 - Three LNBs are contained in the center LNB cover. TV signals are received from 5 satellites - 99, 101, 103, 110 and 119.
Off-Air HD Antenna Batwing - HD Antenna - February 16, 2008 - Gerardo installed a special antenna on the coach's batwing antenna so that I can receive off-air local stations. The local station signal is routed through the HD receiver so that local stations can be selected using the HD receiver. From:
HDRV Antennas
Owner/Inventor: Daryl Bassard
8026 Lorraine Avenue, Suite 213
Stockton, CA 95210
(209) 475-0703 - fax: (209) 475-0749
Winegard Replacement Head Replacement Head - July 10, 2011 - I replaced the antenna head with a Winegard Sensar IV Replacement Head. About $65 at Camping World, Junction City, OR. I eliminated the HDRV antenna.

Nomad 2

MotoSAT Nomad2 - A MotoSAT Nomad2 positions the dish. It replaced the original Datron dish and controller. Click here for more. I made the back panel from a small piece of 1/4" plywood using a jig saw and walnut stain.
MotoSAT Controller - Photo from the MotoSAT web site.
Roof Wire Run Roof Installed Wire Run - A wire runs from the dish to the rear of the coach. A similar short run connects the dish to the front receiver.
Front Existing TV Cabinet Existing Front TV Cabinet - The existing TVs were removed from the front and rear cabinets. Existing wires are exposed. I sold the two old Sony 21" TVs on Craig's List for $125.
DirecTV Plus HD DVR DirecTV Plus HD DVR - A receiver was installed in the front and the rear of the coach. Each receiver has 2 tuners and each can record up to 200 hours of programming.
Font Cabinets Front Overhead Cabinet - To make room for the front HDTV receiver the VCR was removed and the receiver took its place. I donated the VCR to workers in the RV park.
Sanus Systems Model VM400 Sanus Systems - Vision Mount - Two Sanus Systems model VM400 mounts were used to mount each TV to the interior of the existing TV cabinets. The TV cabinets were reinforced with 3/4" plywood screwed to the inside of the cabinet. An advantage of the mount is that it is easy to pull the TV away from the cabinet to get to connectors. The mounts were purchased at Best Buy for about $250 each. For more info on this Sanus mount click here.
Sanus - Front Mount Sanus Mount in Front TV Cabinet - This photo shows the Sanus Mount attached to the reinforced left side wall of the Front TV cabinet. Three 7/16" by 2" bolts were used to attach the mount to the wall. This photo also shows how the TV can be swiveled away from the cabinet - providing easy access to connections.
Sanus Mount in Bedroom TV Cabinet Sanus Mount in Bedroom TV Cabinet - This photo shows the Sanus Mount attached to the reinforced right side wall of the Bedroom TV cabinet. With the left wardrobe door open, the TV swings into it allowing easy access to the cabinet.
Front TV - Toshiba 27HLV95 Toshiba 27HLV95 - This LCD HDTV was installed in the front TV cabinet. The 27" model was the largest that would fit in this area without incurring extensive cabinet rework. The TV has a built-in DVD player. I bought this TV at Best Buy for about $1200.
Bedroom TV - Toshiba 32HLV16 Toshiba 32HLV16 - This LCD HDTV was installed in the bedroom TV cabinet. It has a 32" picture. It has a built-in DVD player. I bought this TV at Costco for about $1200.
Front TV Secured with Velcro Straps Travel Mode - Front - While parked each TV can be moved and tilted. I installed Velcro straps to keep the TVs from moving while traveling. I purchased the black straps and brackets from Home Depot. About $20.

Rear TV Secured with Velcro Straps

Travel Mode - Bedroom - I use these tan Velcro straps to secure the bedroom TV. They were originally used to hold folding chairs and other items in the wardrobe.


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