SMI Coach Air Connection Assembly Relocation


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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - A few weeks ago an SMI Air Force One system was installed on the Patriot. It provides braking action to a towed vehicle. In this case the new Chevrolet Equinox. The system is controlled by the Coach Air Connection Assembly [the unit] which is mounted on the chassis. The unit was installed by Guaranty RV Inc of Junction City, OR. It was installed in a position that came in contact with the frame. The location allowed the unit to fail as it rubbed against the frame. The problem did not manifest itself until the Patriot began losing air pressure. While being backed into an RV park space in Novato it became apparent that there was a problem. Mark Armstrong, owner and CEO of Mobile Diesel Medic, was contacted. Phone: 510-236-8066. Mark diagnosed the problem and repaired it by repositioning the unit. He was able to find a replacement unit in Sacramento. He had it shipped to him and installed it in the repositioned location on Thursday, October 12th.
This photo shows the failing unit rubbing against the frame. The connection in the red square is just about to fail. Not shown are places where the connection was no longer connected.
The newly repositioned controller and air tank. See below 'Job #4' for details.
Mark Armstrong a true professional. He knows what he is doing and he does it well. Phone: 510-236-8066. He spent hours on his back, in the gravel, under the Patriot installing the system. Thanks Mark.
The Mobile Diesel Medic truck. Mark has invested more that $300K in the truck and tools.
Work Performed. Text from the invoice describes the work performed. Click here to view a PDF version of the invoice. Total repair cost: $2,513.30.

Job #3 -Had customer jack motor home high leveling jacks, as well start motor and bump RPM up to 1500 while technician attempted to locate air leak. Found auxiliary pneumatic brake add-on installed three weeks earlier was slamming against square tube brace due to installation spot was on bottom of air bag tube axle. When axle was moving relay valve was slamming against tube brace. Called dealership and explained situation and dealership agreed to pay for mistake. Had them track part numbers for broken part and I ordered from local truck parts store.

Job #4 -Returned following day with new Relay valve. Had to change configuration of aftermarket auxiliary air brake component such that would fit in current location (under motor home) without compromising part getting crunched again. Removed air tank and rotate 180 degrees. Cut relay valve bracket and install 90 degrees from original placement. Mount tank on back side of plate and relay valve on front side instead of both components on same side of plate. Drill and thread mounting point on top tube frame such that assembly will stay stationary with frame. Reassemble all of the above.

The Patriot connects to the car's braking system via the blue air hose. Air pressure in the hose activates the braking system. It is controlled by the coach mounted SMI unit which was repositioned.
Monday, November 13, 2017 - In the mail today I received a check for $2,513.30 from Guaranty RV, Inc. for reimbursement of the job. 

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Updated 2017/11/15