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June 30, 1997

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce Larry Rebich, Visual Basic Programmer par Excellence. My name is David Lucas and I hired Larry in late May 1995, to work on a large and extremely complex project at Hewlett-Packard Test and Measurement. Larry was one of three very senior programmers who worked on this project. Larry’s performance, professionalism, and dedication to the job were of the highest level.

This project has been challenging technically. It is based on 32-bit technology. We began work with a beta OS (Windows NT 3.51 and beta development tools (Visual Basic 4) back in May 1995 switching to NT 4.0 and Visual Basic 5 (about September 1996). Needless to say writing software with beta development software on a beta operating system is not easy. The complexity of the application dwarfed the environmental challenges. This project was easily the most complex effort that I have ever undertaken. An example of it is found in the training time for new team members. Typically it would take a new team member (developer or help author) about 4 to 6 months to fully understand the concepts that our application is based on.

Larry’s most obvious contribution to this project is his work on the GUI. Larry has a flare for building beautiful, functional screens. Less obvious but maybe more importantly, Larry tests his code very well. Given these facts it’s only logical that Larry is the programmer who was consistently assigned the difficult tasks. When I needed integrated graphics and reporting it was Larry who got the call. When I needed an extremely complex import routine it was Larry who wrote the routines. When we learned that the application was rated HP Confidential it was Larry who designed and implemented a security system five levels deep.

So, if you’re a project manager and you are looking for a developer to anchor your team, Larry Rebich is your man. If you’re concerned about bringing your project in on time and on budget look no farther. I don’t believe that you will find a better programmer.

Best regards,

David Lucas
David C. Lucas
Project Manager
Hewlett-Packard TMO/IT
(now with Agilent - HP Spin-off)

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