Larry Rebich

Preferred Assignments

I prefer to work on assignments where I can create Visual Basic [VB6, VB.Net and Asp.Net] Internet applications.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems - I have a very strong background in Microsoft Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/10. And IBM mainframe operating systems: MVS with TSO, VM, and VSE.

Programming - VB.Net, Asp.Net, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Basic, SQL Server, ADO, SMO, Assembler, and COBOL.

I have attended many industry-sponsored courses. I am very proficient with the following programming tools: Visual Basic 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, VB 2005, VB 2008 and VB 2015 [30 years total Basic experience], MSAccess [17 years], ActiveX [OLE], xBase, Visual Source Safe, Windows API's. I have installed Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7/10, Windows NT/2000/XP Professional and Server. I used to write a Visual Basic tip-of-the-month - which can be found at this web site. This document was written using FrontPage 2003.

Database - I have a very strong background in SQL [16 years], SQL Server [9 years], ODBC [13 years], MSAccess, DAO [15 years], ADO [9 years].

Technical Writing - I have written a number of technical manuals. I am a Microsoft Word expert having written extensively using MS Word for more than 15 years. Currently most of the documentation that I create uses the Windows Help Compiler or FrontPage for HTML. I have had a number of assignments with major companies to develop application documentation.

Recent Projects

Infinos - Work Management Expert System. From 1977 to 2016 I developed applications for Cerebyte, Inc. A desktop version of Infinos was written in Visual Basic version 4 then converted to VB6. Infinos version 6.0 is currently installed in thousands of locations.

In 2008 I completed Infinos Version 7.0. Version 7.0 is an Internet based application. It was written using Asp.Net, VB.Net with VS/2005 and SQL Server 2005.

UrSof - Beginning in 2014, Cerebyte had me create a consumer version of a Knowledge Transfer application called UrSof. The product is targeted to customers who use the application to record their knowledge on a hobby or specific interest area.

For more information about Cerebyte click on the logo:

Cerebyte, Inc

SIMPL - Market Research Tool. I completed a 3 year project to develop a Market Research tool for Hewlett-Packard. I was one of three persons on the development team. My duties included designing and programming the user interface. The project was written using Visual Basic 4.0 then 5.0. See a Reference Letter from Hewlett-Packard written by David Lucas.

Work Experience

Premier RV Resorts - October 2009 to Present

On the road in my motor coach. See above: WebInACan.

Cerebyte, Inc. – August 1997 to December 2016

Millbrae and La Quinta, CA and on the road in my motor coach. See above: Infinos.

Hewlett-Packard – June 1995 to November 1998

Santa Clara, CA. I was on the development team of the SIMPL Market Research tool. See above: SIMPL.

The Bridge, Inc. - 1978 to 1995

Millbrae, CA  
The Bridge Logo I founded The Bridge, Inc. in 1978 to "Bridge the gap between Buyers and Sellers of Mainframe Software." We successfully sold products to over 600 companies who used IBM mainframe computers. Annual revenues were in the one to two million-dollar range. At our peak we employed 14 people. In 1990 we lost our primary revenue producing product and I slowly reduced the company size. The company was closed in 1995.

SDI, Inc. - 1971-1978

San Mateo, CA

I opened an office for SDI in Chicago in 1971. The company specialized in selling IBM mainframe computer software, mostly operating system utilities. Within two years I had opened and managed additional offices in Detroit, Cleveland, Minneapolis and Kansas City. I supervised 20 people. Those employees generated revenues in excess of five million dollars per year.

In 1973 I was offered the position of Research and Development Director and moved my family to the San Francisco Bay area. I was responsible for product development and distribution. My staff supported sales and technical people in 14 offices in the United States and many offices in foreign countries.

Various Companies - 1965-1971

Ohio, California and Illinois

After discharge from the Army in 1965, as a First Lieutenant, I worked two years for a glass manufacturer in Ohio, Anchor Hocking Glass. Projects included installing accounting computers in New Jersey and California. In 1967 I accepted a position with Computer Sciences in El Segundo, California, as a project leader on the development of the first commercially sold software product [Pay3]. I moved to Chicago in 1969 to support the sale of the software product. I then joined SDI to sell their products to companies in the Midwest.

I have had titles such as: Area Manager, Director of R&D, Salesman, Project Leader, Programmer Analyst, and President.

Work Environment

I use a Dell E1705 laptop, HP IQ804 desktop and Dell XPS 27. The machines are connected using Wi-Fi and a fast Ethernet LAN. High speed on-line access is provided by Verizon.


Bowling Green University - Bowling Green, Ohio

I graduated from Bowling Green University. I majored in Business Administration and Math. I received some training in computer programming in college.

Military Service

I served as a Lieutenant in the US Army after having earned a Reserve Officer Training Commission [ROTC]. I received extensive computer programming training in the Army. I served in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Community Activities

I had been active in Millbrae, CA serving as President of the Chamber of Commerce. I have also severed on a number of community committees.


I am unmarried. I have two grown children living in the San Francisco area. My daughter Lynette married Scott in August 2005. Lynette and Scott made me a grandfather - Ashley Anne was born in September 2006 and Brady Dane was born in April 2009. I live on the road, full time in my motorcoach. I winter in the Southwest and summer in the Northwest.


See: Reference Letter from Hewlett-Packard written by David Lucas or a Reference Letter from Cerebyte written by Michael McCauley.


Updated 2017/05/06