Trip USA 2000

I bought a Beaver Contessa motor coach in May 1999 and took Trip USA 1999 for 4 months from June to October. The adventure continues into the summer of 2000. [I have started Trip USA 2001]. My first stop repeated my 1999 route to Scottsdale [Phoenix, AZ] to visit with Michael McCauley, his lovely wife Johnell and their son Darryl. Mike is a principal in Cerebyte - a company I have worked for over the past few years. Click any of the following thumbnail photos for more trip highlights. Click here for pictures suitable for use as 'desktop wallpaper'

Gene and Ann Warren Gene and Ann Warren  
Rio Verde, Arizona.
Dewey and Jamilia Hinkley Dewey and Jamilia Hinkley  
Summerlin, Nevada.
Bob and Beverlee Moss Bob and Beverlee Moss
McCall, Idaho
Famous floating green. Coeur D'Alene Resort 
Coeur D'Alene, Idaho
Ernie, Laura Peterson. Ernie and Laura Peterson
Bigfork, Montana
The Pelenskys Walt and Nora Pelensky
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Jasper, Alberta Jasper Park Lodge
Jasper, Alberta, Canada
Mike Wiegele Cottages Central British Columbia
featuring the Blue River and
Okanagan, Canada areas.
Cheryl Garfield, Mike Quinn and son. Whistler and Vancouver
British Columbia
Murray Glazier, Cheryl Garfield, Barbara and Bob Doell Bob and Barbara Doell
Murray Glazier

Victoria, BC, Canada

Victoria Country Club

Maddox and Haskin
in the Northwest.

Don and Jane Maddox and Cheryl and
Dierk Haskin.

Beaver Contessa - Home away from home. The Beaver Contessa.
Home away from home.
Repair is never a day away. Repair and Service
A never ending battle.

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