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Wednesday, January 31 - I played with Chuck Builder, Frank Wills, Coy Powell, Gene Bailey and Paul Dunlop in the RCB Mens Club event today. Format was individual - play your own ball. I had a 61 which was good for net 7th place in the B flight and won $6. I had no double bogies today - 8 bogies and one birdie. My current handicap is 8.838. Chuck played well and had a 57, 3 over par and took 2nd net winning $11. There were 104 players in 18 or so six man groups. It was a nice, mild day for golf.
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Tuesday, January 30 - I took some photos of the space I have stayed at for the past few winters. On pad 357, Rancho Casa Blanca, Indio, CA.
Panorama of the 5th Green and 6th Hole taken from the front of the motor coach.
A view from the street with the Chevy Equinox in the foreground.
My local transportation.
Tuesday, January 30 - My neighbor, Larry Smith, is having an insulated roof put on his patio. It replaces an un-insulated roof - it could get cold on the patio. Larry has many parties on the patio - with a Super Bowl party coming up this Sunday.
Larry Smith gets a new roof on his patio.
Monday, January 29 - I played with Pete Schenk, Don McCrary and Jerry Phillips today in the skins game. I had two tied birdies. There were 6 skins so I lost $1.50. Pete had five birdies, two of them for skins. Larry Vickers played well having 8 birdies - six in a row at one point. There were 17 players on this nice, warm morning.
Saturday, January 27 - Jim Richmond, Larry Conley, Ron Jensen, Sharon Outcalt, Skip Magee and Linda McCrary made up my RCB Saturday Scrambles team. We had a 42, 12 under and were just one stroke out of the money. Again this week there was a team that had 16 birdies for a 38. One team had a 40 and 5 tied with a 41. There were 98 players on 14 seven person teams. Jim Klesath had a hole-in-one of the 14th hole and won $127.
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Monday, January 22 - I played with Jerry Stevenson, Dave Lozano and Carl Haese today in the skins game. There were 12 players and 9 skins. I did not have any birdies or get any skins. So I lost $2.25. Carl had 5 birdies and got 2 skins. There was a 30 minute delay in starting - it got down into the high 30s last night - there was some frost on the golf course.
Saturday, January 20 - Our RCB Saturday Scrambles team consisted of me, Jerry Phillips, Barry Clement, Carol Hill, Donna Davis, George Austin and Patty Dean. We were 11 under with a 43. We were one out of the money. There was one team at 16 under, one at 15 under and 4 tied at 12 under. My neighbor, Larry Smith, was on the winning team. It was a very cold, windy day with temperatures in the low 50s when we started and did not get much higher that 60 by the time we finished. There were 83 players mostly in 12 seven person teams.
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Friday, January 19 - I played with Ron Lighterink, John Witmer and Tom Whidden on the Nicklaus Private course at PGA West. We were part of a group of 16 'Friday Flockers'. I did not play well shooting about 115. It was a beautiful day for golf. Blue skies and mild temperatures. I had a condo here for many years in the early 2000s. It was on the 18th tee - 79-685 Northwood.
Ron, John putting, Tom holding the flag, on the 12th green
with the Santa Rosa Mountains in the background.
The back of my old condo on the 18th tee, 79-685 Northwood.
Wednesday, January 17 - Format today in the RCB Mens Club was team play. On my 7 man team were Dave Dehn, Ron Holmwall, Ray Bieber, Paul Dunlop, Doug Justus, and Jim Clark. We tied for 5th place and got $4 each - net $1 after paying a $3 buy-in. Dave and Ron played exceptionally well - 54 and 55. There were 98 players on 14 seven man teams. I had a 66 which is not good. Paul got the KP on the 2nd hole and won $10.
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Monday, January 15 - I played with Ron Gunn and Ron Davis in the skins game today. There were 17 players. I had no birdies - subsequently no skins. Ron Davis had 3 birdies and two of them were good for a skin. There were 6 skins today so I lost $1.50.
Saturday, January 13 - I played with Jim Richmond, Coy Powell, Jim Klesath, Penny Pass, Trene Green, Fred Green and Barb Lowman in the RCB Couples Scramble today. Format was use the worst tee shot. We had a 59. There were 5 teams tied for first with a 55. It was an awful format - hope they never use it again. There were 104 players on 13 eight person teams. Barry Clement, new member, had a hole-in-one but did not buy insurance so he missed out on $155.
Our score card - not good.
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Wednesday, January 10 - I played with Gary Sorenson, Cliff Pearce, Larry Vickers and Mark Thornberg today in the RCB Mens Club event. Format was individual play. I played poorly shooting a 68. Larry Vickers aced the 11th hole. He and Mark had the best rounds of 57. They were both in the money. There were 94 players playing mostly in five somes. It was a cool morning [low 50s] but warmed up nicely [mid 60s] by the time we finished. We had a significant rain fall the day before.
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Wednesday, January 3 - Well it happened again. I had an ace on the 17th hole today. I was playing with Mo Langham, Gary Alloway, Case DeJong, Dale Green and Barry Walsh in the RCB Men's Club event. Format was individual play. The ace was worth $35. I struggled on most other holes and had a 63 - way out of the money. Mo had the best score in our group with a 58 and got 9th net winning $3. There were 97 players. It was a cool morning in the low 50s but warmed up nicely before we finished.
Mo, Larry, Barry, Dale, Gary - Case took the Photo - thanks.
The score card with the ace on the 17th hole.
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Monday, January 1 - I got lucky on the 14th hole today and had an ace. I played with Ron Holmwall, Jerry Phillips and Ron Davis. There were 14 skins players today so the ace was worth $6.50 - 50 cents from 13 players. Ron Davis got 2 skins. There were 6 skins and the ace today. So I netted $5.00. Linda McCrary took our photo - thanks Linda. The home owner on the 14th tee gives a bottle of champagne if you make a hole in one. It was cool in the low 40s when we started but warmed up nicely to the mid 60s.
Ron H, Larry, Jerry, Ron D on the 14th hole. Larry holding the Ace ball.
14th Tee Register
The Award
The score card with the ace.

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