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Wednesday, February 28 - I played with Claude Huot, Dale Green, Harvey Dickson and Bob Lindahl in the Mens Club Championship. It continues again on Friday and next Wednesday. I had a good round - 56 - two over. I am leading low net in the 'B' flight by 5 strokes. Larry Smith, my neighbor, is tied for low net in the 'C' flight. Hopefully I can continue at this pace. Except for Harvey, the other fellows in my group had a rough time. It was a nice, mild day for golf.
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Monday, February 26 - I played with Ron Davis, Cliff Pearce and Paul Madaire in the skins game. I had one tied birdie with Ron on the 14th hole. He did get a skin for his birdie on 12. There were 4 skins today so I lost $1.00. There were 19 players. It was a very cool morning with temperatures in the low 40s when we started and only warmed to the mid 60's by the time we finished.
Saturday, February 24 - Our Saturday scrambles team consisted of Mark Thornberg, Sherm Grant, me, Lisa Haese, Linda McCrary and Jim Clark. We started on the 12th hole and played very well on that side but unfortunately the front side was not so good. We had a 44, 10 under. There were two teams with 39, two with 40 and two with 41. There were 96 players on 16 teams of six somes. There was a 45 minute frost delay. It got down to the mid-30s last night. And it stayed cool all day.
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Friday, February 23 - Aprildawn Smith organized a 'Shot in the Dark Mystery'. A Hawaiian shop keeper was murdered and we had to figure out who did it. I played 'Jackson Hanes' - a rich land owner and ukulele player. Each participant had a role to play. After an hour of so we voted to see who we thought was the murderer. As it turned out Jackson Hanes was the bad guy. Photos contributed by Mary Ann, Cheri and me.
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Jackson Hanes [Larry] and Kamea [Cheri Nason]
Harry Chism and Mary Ann Von Bank
Charlene Busby and Jana Vasak
Loren, Mercy, Billy, Jann and Linda working on solving the mystery.
Jann, organizer Aprildawn, Joel, Becky and Loren Lutz
Wednesday, February 21 - Our RCB Mens Club team consisted of John Anderson, Bud Chestnut, Dennis Swanson, me, Larry Smith and Skip Magee. We played especially well on the back nine. We had 170 par points. We were the winning team and won $10 each. I had a 27 on the back, a 34 on the front - not so good. John played well shooting 53, one under par. There were 100 players in 17 mostly 6 person teams. It was a cool, mostly overcast morning and did not get above the low 60s by the time we finished.
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Monday, February 19 - I played with Jack Risch, Carl Haese and Howard Beloved today in the skins game. I had no birdies. Carl had 4 and got paid for one skin. There were 9 skins today so I lost $2.25. There were 15 players. It was very windy, overcast and chilly.
Saturday, February 17 - Our RCB scrambles team consisted of Howard Beloved, John Hanke, me, Burt Pickering, Charlotte Phillips, Nadia Saulsbury and Bonnie Bieber. We tied for first place with two other teams at 39, 15 under and won $8 each. Howard and John played well and Nadia made eight putts. Everyone contributed. There were 105 players in 15 seven person teams. It was cool when we started [low 40s] but warmed up nicely by the time we finished [high 60s].
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Wednesday, February 14 - A group of us celebrated Valentines day with a party at Larry Smith's place. Adult beverages and snacks were served. It was a 'partial' black tie affair. The men wore tux jackets with Bermuda shorts and the ladies wore fancy dresses. A good time was had by all. Some photos, most provided by Mary Ann Von Bank.
Kevin and Aprildawn Smith
Photos by Mary Ann - Larry and Mary Ann
Loren and Becky Lutz
Harry Chism and Loren Lutz
Host - Larry Smith
Wednesday, February 14 - Today I played with Dick Reynolds, Bob McCrimmon, John Gregor and Jerry Joubert. Format was play your own ball. I had a 63, the best in our group and good for 5th net and $6 in the 'B' flight. There were 4 players tied for low gross. There were 90 players in 18 five somes. It was a mostly overcast, mild day.
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Monday, February 12 - I played in the skins game with Dave Lozano, Ron Dunn and Mike Wilson. I had one tied birdie - 9th hole. There were 5 skins today so I lost $1.25.  Dave had a skin for getting a birdie on the 10th hole and got 19 quarters. There were a record 20 players in 5 foursomes. It was another beautiful day for golf.
Saturday, February 10 - On my RCB scrambles team today was Chris Koutonen, Larry Conley, me, Scott Holden, Neal VanDergugten and June Lowe. We had a 45, 9 under, not good. One team had a 39, one a 40 and 3 had a 41. There were 108 players on 18 six person teams. It was a beautiful morning for golf.
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Thursday, February 8 - A group of current and former PGA West members get together at Louise's Pantry for lunch on Thursdays. This is or 4th or 5th year. We set a record today - 11 guys. From left to right, Jon Oliver, Glenn Woody, John Witmer, Rod Hassett, Marty Krasnov, me, Jim Gillen, Dave Munro, Ed McGraw and Marv Segal. Dave's son David took the photo. Thanks David. David is visiting from Iowa. I played golf with him on Monday - see below.
Jon, Glenn, John, Rod, Marty, Larry, Jim, Dave, Ed, Marv
Wednesday, February 7 - I played in the RCB Mens Club event with Robin McGregor, Jerry Armour, Kerry Stenhouse and Dick Reynolds. Format was individual - play your own ball. I had a 60 and took 4th net winning $8. Kerry took 3rd net and won $9. There were 90 players in 18 five man groups. It was a nice, mild day for golf.
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Tuesday, February 6 - Marilyn [Aprildawn Smith] helped celebrate Becky's birthday. Click here to play the YouTube video of Marilyn doing her rendition of 'Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend'. Mary Ann Von Bank created some great hors d'oeuvres.
Loren and Becky Lutz Admire Marilyn
Marilyn delivers a birthday cake.
Marilyn and Larry
Photos provided by Mary Ann
Monday, February 5 - Good friend Dave Munro invited me to play golf with his son David who is visiting from Iowa for a few days. Joining us were Larry Helseth and Paul McChesney. We played the all par 3, North course. It was a perfect day for golf. Dave and his wife Jeanie have now lived in Shadow Hills for a number of years. I knew Dave when he and I lived at PGA West.
Larry, David, Dave, Larry H, Paul
The longest hole on the course - 9th -  189 yards - with the Little San Bernardino Mountains in the background.
Sunday, February 4 - And the winning Super Bowl party was held at my neighbor Larry Smith's place. Larry and Mary Ann know how to throw a great party. David was the big winner of the football pool - winning $50. The ladies provided tasty snacks and adult beverages were had by all.
Mary Ann Von Bank, Rob, Aprildawn and Kevin Smith
Becky, Gerty and Peggy
Party host Larry Smith and Harry Chism
David - big $50 pool winner, Loren, Bob
Saturday, February 3 - I played with Pat Coyle, John Hanke, Dianna Bustamante, Peggy Tetarenko and Dan Miller today in the RCB Couples Scramble. We had a 42, 12 under par. Pretty good but once again one out of the money. The winners were 15 under, two teams at 14 under and one at 13 under. There were 107 players in 18 mostly teams of six players.  It was a nice, mild day for golf.
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