Trip USA 2018 - March at RCB in Indio, CA
Stage 3

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March 21 - I played in the Mens Club event with Dave Lozano, Don McCrary, Jerry Dotson and Dennis Swanson. Format was individual play - count your own ball. I had my worst round of the season - a 68 and am way out of the money. Don and Dave played well and were in the money. It was a nice mild day for golf.
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March 19 - I played with John Hanke and Cliff Pearce today in the skins game. I had only one birdie on the 5th hole and it lost to Jerry Stevenson who had a hole-in-one there. We had 19 players. There were 2 skins and the ace which meant that I lost $1. It was a nice day for golf.
March 17 - Bud Curtis, Susan Fenton, Harvey Dickson and Charlotte Phillips were on my scrambles team. We had 48, not good and 5 shots out of the money. The winning team had a 39 and received $8 each. The team was helped by Larry Vickers ace on the 3rd hole for which he received $152. Three other teams had a 43 and won $5 each. There were 60 players in 12 five person teams. It was a cool, very windy day.
Bud, Susan, Larry, Charlotte, Harvey - Photo from Charlotte
Winning Team - Vickers Ace
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March 14 - On our RCB Mens Club team were Larry Vickers, Bob Giroux, David Kidd, Jim Lowman and Darrell Sickle. Bob had a hole-in-one on the 13th hole. Our team had a 191 - one out of the money. Format was count the 4 best net scores. We played well on the back - not so good on the front. Two winning teams had 179. I had a 58 which is pretty good for me. There were 96 players in 16 six man teams. It was a mild day for golf. Never needed a jacket.
Jim, David, Bob, Larry and Darrell. Bob aced the 13th hole.
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March 12 - I played in the skins game with Larry Vickers and Joe Vickers. I had 3 tied birdies. Larry Vickers had 4 birdies and one was good for a skin. There were 3 skins today so I lost 75 cents. There were 19 players. It was another great day for golf. Temperatures were in the low 70s when we finished.
March 10 - I played with Jack Risch, Jim Kleseath, Cindy Sadtler, Barb Lowman and Jerry Armour in the couples scramble. We had a 45, nine under and amazingly tied for 2nd place and won $6 each. Somehow the committee recorded a 43 for us! They corrected it. And I gave back the $6. Neighbor Larry Smith was on the winning team and won $9 each. It was a very overcast morning with a light drizzle.
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March 7 - I aced the 5th hole today. It was the final day of the three day club championship. I played with Larry Smith, Dennis Busby, Jerry Armour and Neal VanDergugten. I had another 60 and came in second low net. Dennis had been leading but didn't play well today but ended up at 14 under and beat me by one stroke for the Net Club Championship. I ended up taking low gross in the 'B' flight and got $30 for it. And I got $35 for the ace for a total of $65. Buy in was $9 so I netted $56. Larry Smith took low gross in the 'C' flight and got paid $30. There were 66 players in the tournament.
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Larry Smith, me, Jerry, Neal on the 5th Hole with the hole-in-one ball.
Dennis, me, Jerry, Neal on the 5th Hole with the hole-in-one ball.
John Mulhern points out the Leader Board
Larry's Name Twice on the Leader Board
Larry's three day score card highlighting the ace on the 5th hole on the final day.
March 5 - A good day - I had 4 birdies and two were good for a skin. Each skin was worth $5 - 21 players. I played with Carl Haese, Ron Davis, Mike Dixon and Chet Harvey. Ron had a skin on the 17th hole. There were a total of 5 skins, 2 of which where mine. So I won $10 and lost 75 cents and netted $9.25. It had been a while since I got a skin. It was a little windy but another beautiful day for golf.
March 3 - On my scrambles team were Chris Koutonen, Mike Elder, Ray Bieber, Terry Carter, Vern Edwards, June Lowe and Trene Green. We had a 41, 13 under but once again were one out of the money. There was one team with a 39 and two with a 40. My neighbor, Larry Smith, was on the winning team and got $9. There were 88 players today in 11 eight somes. It was another beautiful day for golf.
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March 2 - I played the second day of the RCB Mens Club Championship with Don McCrary, Pat Coyle and Cliff Pearce. I had a 60 and am still leading for low net in the 'B' flight by 6 shots. Larry Smith is still in contention in the 'C' flight. Pat had a 56. Don and Cliff had a 59. Final day will be next Wednesday. It was a beautiful day for golf.
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