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Wednesday, May 16 - Manny Pelayo installed a new awning over the drivers side windows. The old awning was showing lots of wear. He made it so that it can be drawn lower thus blocking afternoon sun. The draw down height can be adjusted to a half dozen settings. This completes the projects Manny started on May 4th. Click here to see the May 4th work. Total cost for all the work was $865.85. Affordable Mobile RV Service. Cell: 541-343-3492.
Manny installs the New Awning
Wednesday, May 16 - I played golf today with Paul Williams, Dave Hill and Harvey Booth at Oakway GC in Eugene. Paul is the CEO of Premier RV Resorts. Dave Hill is the manager of the Eugene resort. Harvey is a friend of Paul's. It was a cool morning but by the time we finished we were able take off our jackets. We had a nice lunch at the Coburg Crossing Cafe.
Harvey Booth, Paul Williams, Dave Hill - Photo taken in one of the tipis.
Tuesday, May 15 - It was a nice sunny afternoon so I took some photos of the Premier RV Resort. I will pass them along to the Lisa Hadley. She updates photos on the resort's web site. Click here to view that site. The resort is adding Nomadics tipis. The tipis will be furnished. Soon guests will be able to rent them. Click here to learn more about the tipis. Last year a kids play area and a putting green were installed. Just last week a golf driving cage was added. David and Lisa Hill are the managers of the resort.
Tipis under construction. Plans are to open them in a couple weeks.
Tipis are on the south end of the resort next to a pond.
A kids play area and putting green were added last year.
The newly added Golf Driving Cage.
Saturday, May 5 - From Wikipedia: Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration held on May 5th. The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army's unlikely victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862. The Premier RV Resort, under leadership of managers David and Lisa Hill, holds an Annual Pot Luck Dinner to celebrate the day. The pavilion was decorated with an appropriate Mexican theme with two piņatas. Blind folded kids attacked the piņatas and when successfully opened treats are dumped on the floor. A chain saw blender was used to make delicious Margaritas. Click here to see a YouTube video of a chain saw blender in operation. There were about 50 people who attended the event. Some of the photos were provided by Lisa Hill.
The decorated pavilion with two piņatas and pot luck dinner buffet.
I especially liked the Coburg Pizza Company Pettine's Margherita pizza.
Success - Many Treats
Chain Saw Blender
Lisa Hill takes Larry's Picture - Thanks Lisa
Saturday, May 5 - Today I purchased an AcuRite Pro Color Weather Station with Wind Speed. I am most interested in the wind speed feature. There are times when I need to take evasive action when there are high winds - put up awnings - pull in slide outs. To mount it I bought a 12 inch diameter piece of plywood. And bought some white Flex Seal to coat the plywood. All items were purchased at the local Lowe's hardware store. Total cost $99.96.
Photo from the Web
In the Coach
Remote Unit Outside on a Table
Friday, May 4 - Manny Pelayo performed a number of service items on the motor coach. Including replacing two thermostats. They were giving incorrect readings. He also serviced the Hydro-Hot system - it heats water and powers the furnace. Other items: 1. The refrigerator was not cold enough - he adjusted some settings, 2. He showed me how to force the air to dump from the coach by repeatedly pressing the coach's brake, and 3. The dining room table latch had broken - he replaced the latch. He is ordering a new window awning for the driver's side slide out. He is a true professional. Affordable Mobile RV Service. Cell: 541-343-3492.
Manny Pelayo
Comfort Control Center
Wednesday, May 2 - At the Premier RV Resort in Eugene, OR for awhile. On pad 129. Elevation 400 feet. This resort uses my software, WebInACan, to allow guests to make online reservations. I have stayed at this resort a number of times in the past. I will have some work done on the coach while in the area.
Beaver Patriot and Chevrolet Equinox on Pad 129
Saturday, April 28 - At the Tri-City RV Park in Myrtle Creek, OR for a few days. On pad 42. Elevation 658 feet. This park uses my software, WebInACan, to allow guests to view their web site and to make online reservations. I have stayed at this nice park a number of times as I head north or south. It rained most of the way on the drive from Yreka to Myrtle Creek. While here I will update the web site mostly with updated photos. Click here to see the photo page for the park.
Wednesday, April 25 - At the Yreka RV Park in Yreka, CA for a few days. In space D2. Elevation 2653 feet.
Tuesday, April 24 - My long time friend and first cousin passed away on the 23rd. Robert [Bob] Rebich Jr. was my dad's brother's son. He was named after his dad. He was 76. He had been in poor health for some time but was a true fighter. He was a remarkable individual. He will be missed. Click the partial obituary to read the full version. My sister Bonnie found this obit and sent me a link. Click here to view the link. I uploaded some photos of Bob to the funeral home's web site. Click here to view them. There was a nice article in the local newspaper. Click here to read it.
Click to view some photos.
Wednesday, April 18 - At the Premier RV Resort in Redding, CA for 6 days, on pad 108. Elevation 664. This resort uses my software, WebInACan, to allow guests to make online reservations. I have stayed at this resort a number of times in the past. The Kool April Nights is a popular attraction and is happening next week resulting in the park being full. Jan Kissner, resort manager, found a space for me so that I could stay an extra day. Thanks Jan.
Beaver Patriot and Chevrolet Equinox on Pad 108

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