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Friday, September 14 - At the Tri-City RV Park in Myrtle Creek, OR for a couple nights. On pad 65. Elevation 666 feet. The park uses WebInACan to allow their guests to view their web site and to make online reservations. I have stayed at this nice park a number of times as I head north or south. As I was pulling in Marvin was cleaning the lamps. Marvin is the work camper maintenance guy. He keeps the park looking great.
Marvin makes the Lights Shine
Monday, September 10 - Remote Power Switches - A remote power switch is used to turn off/on the electricity to the new power supply transformer. The other one to turn off/on the power to the printer. Bought them in a 3 pack at the Fred Meyer in Springfield. Now power is removed when the motor coach is on the road - the inverter is no longer sending electricity to the units - perhaps inverter power fluctuations caused the power supply transformer to fail.
Remote Power Switchess
One powers the printer.
The other powers the desktop computer.
Friday, September 7 - After moving to pad 210 at Premier RV Resort the HP IQ804 desktop computer would not start. I took it to Randy McMillan at Simplified Computing in Eugene. After some analysis he discovered that the power supply transformer was failing. He ordered a new one for me. In the interim he found one at the Goodwill Computer Store that will do the job until the new one arrives on Wednesday. Thanks Randy - a true processional. His phone number is 541-896-1349. Cost $200. The update to this page was made using the revived computer on Tuesday, September 11th.
Randy puts the computer in the car.
With the new power supply.
Randy's Business Card
Friday, September 7 - Moved to pad 210. Will be here till Friday the 14th. The former pad 129 was reserved for a University of Oregon Duck fan who made the reservation some time ago. Pad 210 is nice, a nose-in to the pond. This photo was taken from across the pond.
Thursday, September 6 - Lisa and David Hill [Premier RV Resort managers] and I celebrated granddaughter Ashley's 12th birthday at the Cafe 440 in Eugene. Lisa blew out the candle for Ashley. Happy birthday Ashley. We had a nice dinner and celebration. Ashley sent this birthday girl photo of her hugging Louie.
Thursday, September 6 - Today I bought new windshield wiper blades at Costco for the Equinox. Neighbor Ron put them on for me. He did charge me $2 million for the effort. He and wife Teri just completed a two month trip to Alaska. They are in the area having some work done on their coach. They both recently retired - Ron was an FBI agent. Thanks Ron for installing the wipers - but for $2 million - a little pricey.
Ron and Teri with their $2 Million
Tuesday, September 4 - The Smiths were driving through Eugene and stopped for a quick visit. Larry Smith and his son Kevin and his wife Aprildawn are on their way to Kennewick, WA. We had a nice lunch at the Coburg Crossing Cafe. Larry is my neighbor in the desert at Rancho Casa Blanca. Kevin and Aprildawn live full time in their motor coach. They spend time in the desert as well. Kevin distributes swimming pools throughout the western states. Aprildawn sent the photo of me with her - thanks Aprildawn.
Larry Smith, Aprildawn and Kevin Smith
Aprildawn and Larry - Patriot in the Background
Kevin and Aprildawn's home.
Monday, September 3, Labor Day - Tonight was Bingo Night at Premier RV Resort. Each card costs 25 cents. Work campers Jim and Dale run the bingo. Some of the winners are shown below. Paul and Fred were early winners.

Jim Calls the Numbers
Work Campers Jim and Dale Run the Bingo
Monica and Paul - Paul is a first game winner.
Faye and Fred - Fred was a Winner.
Saturday, September 1 - My college alma mater Bowling Green State University [BGSU] Falcons Football Team visited the University of Oregon [UofO Ducks] in Eugene. The first game of the season was played in Autzen Stadium. BGSU scored first but in the end the Ducks won 58 to 24. Before the game the BGSU alumni association held a rally in the parking lot. There were about 100 alums in attendance.

Some photos are shown below. Danielle Parker graduated in 2016 and is Alumni Assistant Director of Development. Click here to view more info about Danielle. Sandy is the wife of BGSU's new president Rodney Rogers. Click here to view an article about him. His biography photo is shown below. He was at the game. Phil Villapiano is a famous alum. He played professional football for many years. Click here to view a Wikipedia article about him. The BGSU cheer leaders put on a high flying act and mascot Freddie Falcon cheers them on. The stadium was packed with 54,000 Green and Yellow revelers - who cheered loudly and often for their Ducks.

Alums Dave, Brett and Sudhaa
Danielle Parker
Alums Tom, Myra with Sandy
President Rodney Rodgers
Phil Villapiano
Playing the National Anthem before the Game
High Flying
Cheer Leaders Standing Tall
Brown and Orange in a sea of Green and Yellow - The BGSU Section.
BGSU 10 - Ducks 0 - but it did not last long. Final was 24 to 58.
Autzen Stadium - a Full House of 54,000 Green and Yellow Revelers
Thursday, August 30 - The United States Golf Association [USGA] Senior Amateur 18 hole finals were held at Eugene CC this morning. Jeff Wilson beat defending champ Sean Knapp two up with one hole to play. Players from all over the world were in competition. There was a nice crowd following the players. And there were lots of USGA Volunteers. Large photos of Jeff Wilson and Sean Knapp found on the web.
Jeff Wilson Hoists the Trophy. Web Photo.
Sean Knapp Tees off on the 17th hole. Web Photo.
Sean Knapp shakes hands with winner Jeff Wilson.
Eugene Register-Guard
Jeff Wilson birdies the 10th hole
to square the match.
Sean Knapp putts for birdie on the
10th hole but lips out.
Nice crowd around the 9th green.
Some Volunteers
Young Lady Volunteers
Wednesday, August 29 - At the Premier RV Resort in Eugene Oregon for a week or two in site 129. Elevation 370 feet. I stayed at this nice resort in May. Danny took the photo - thanks Danny. Now headed south and will be in Indio on November 1st.
Monday, August 27 - Neighbors Debbie and Trice organized a pot luck dinner and they invited me. We had pulled pork sandwiches with baked beans. It was an impromptu get together. In the photo from left to right, Jim, Laura, Debbie, Fred, Elsa, Cheryl, Bob, Jim and Trice. Fun was had by all.
Saturday and Sunday, August 25 and 26 - Breakfast is served in the park on the weekends. Work campers Audrey and Michael are the chefs. There was a nice crowd receiving a $5 breakfast.
Audrey serves the guests.
Audrey hands a plate to the guest.
Michael is scrambling eggs.
The guests find a table in the pavilion.
Friday, August 24 - The park has Taco's on Friday. Work campers Audrey and Michael create the tacos. Audrey's four year old son Alec is a helper - sort of. The taco was good. The atmosphere was great.
Alec, Audrey and Michael
Thursday, August 23 - Bill Seidman, Rick Grbavac and I had a fun filled round of golf at the OGA Golf Course in Woodburn. It is the home course of the Oregon Golf Association. It was a smoky day. This has become an annual event. Bill and Rick are the proprietors of Cerebyte - a company I contracted with for almost 20 years. The shortest hole on the course is the 17th. Three of the players in the group in front of us managed to put their ball in the front right bunker - ouch. Almost enough club. After golf we had lunch in Orchards Grill.
Rick, Larry and Bill
Three Balls in the 17th Hole Bunker
Wednesday, August 22 - Lisa Hadley and I had a nice long meeting this morning. Lisa is COO of Premier RV Resorts. We discussed their use of WebInACan and its future implications. Then we had a short meeting with Michelle Talay who is the manager of the Salem resort. Both lovely ladies.
Lisa and Larry
Lisa and Michelle
Monday, August 20 - At the Premier RV Resort Salem for nine days. In supersite 131, elevation 142 feet. I have stayed at this great RV resort many times before. The resort uses my software, WebInACanRes, to take reservations for their guests. The drive of 161 miles from Ocean Park, WA is one of the summer's longest. Travel south has now started and will end November 1st in Indio. Salem is the capital of Oregon. It is the third largest city in Oregon, just behind Portland and Eugene. The resort is actually in West Salem, about 5 miles west of downtown Salem on Oregon Highway 22.

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