Trip USA 2018 - Yreka to Redding, CA
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Saturday, October 6 - The Benton Air Faire - Classic Car Show N Shine is an annual event. There are lots of classic cars, small airplanes and lots of people. There was a large crowd in attendance. It was a beautiful sun filled day after many days of rain. Below are some photos of the event.

Seeing the Civil Air Patrol [CAP] members brought back lots of fond memories. I was in the CAP while growing up in Ohio. From my autobiography: I joined the Civil Air Patrol as a cadet when I was 16. We meet every Wednesday evening at Wynkoop field. Beside aviation training we got to 'co-pilot' Piper Cubs. It was my first experience piloting an airplane. I attended one summer camp in Dayton at Wright Field. And I got to sit in a fighter jet.  Click here to read this entry in the autobiography. You will need a password - send me an email and I will send it to you.

Getting to sit in a Helicopter
Taking in the sites.

Civil Air Patrol Standing Guard

Star Wars in Action

My MGB or like the one I had.

One of many small planes parked at the field.

Panorama of some of the planes.

Some of the folks watching the action.

Sunday, September 30
- The East Redding Rotary Club held their 29th Annual Ducky Derby on the Sacramento River. At $5 each they sold and dropped 32,026 rubber ducks for gross of over $160K. The owners of the winning ducks took home some nice prizes. Some photos of the participants are shown below. Click here for KRCR ABC 7 and view the TV news report of the event and play a news video.
Rotary Members, Ron and Jennifer Sell Ducks
Todd manages the retrieval area.

Three generations: Jocie, Kylie and Lisa wait for the drop

The family waits for the drop. So do the Canadian Geese.
The Ducky Drop

The yellow mass of 32,026 floating ducks.

A crowd is lined up to buy Kona Ice.

Tuesday, September 25
- The area just west of the Premier RV Resort Redding suffered a devastating fire a month ago. It was known as the Carr Fire. Below are some photos of the destruction. From Wikipedia: The Carr Fire was a large wildfire that burned in Shasta and Trinity Counties in California, United States. The fire burned 229,651 acres, before it was 100% contained late on August 30, 2018. The Carr Fire destroyed at least 1,604 structures - at least 1,077 were homes. Eight people died in the fire, including three firefighters. Click here to read more.
All that remains of a shovel.
Devastation - A flag hangs in a mournful drape.

Some homes were spared - at least 1,077 were not.

The entire cul-de-sac was decimated.

Homes and vegetation were destroyed.

Clean-up and reconstruction is under way. Workers are wearing hazmat suits.

Sunday, September 23 - Back at the Premier RV Resort in Redding for a couple weeks. On pad 102, elevation 646 feet. The resort uses my software, WebInACanRes, to take reservations for their guests. On the drive south there was a large burned out area about 25 miles north of Redding. The freeway was open all the way - but was closed a couple weeks ago.
The Patriot on Pad 102 - A Nice Long Pull-Through
Friday, September 21 - The 2018 Montague Hot Air Balloon Fair is being held this weekend in Montague, CA. Click here to view information about the event on Facebook. It is an annual Balloon Festival in Shasta Valley with daily balloon flights, vendors, a Saturday parade, food, and much more. About 20 balloonists adventured to the area and have conducted flights during the early mornings hours. This evening 4 balloons were raised and presented a colorful show. The show was held on the town's baseball field. There was a large crowd. There must have been two thousand people in attendance. Amateur photographer, Bill Overman posted some great photos on Facebook. Click here to view them.
Light up the Night
Four Balloons Put on a Show
Jeff and his crew prepare their balloon.
Starting the process of raising the balloon.
Part of the Large Crowd - Lots of Kids
First responders are prepared if needed.
Monday, September 17 - Moved from site D10 to F2. There are a bunch of yappy dogs near site D10. Much quieter at site F2.
Sunday, September 16 - At the Yreka RV Park in Yreka, CA for a week in space D10. Elevation 2,653 feet. I have stayed at this park a number of times as I head north or south. It is about 1/2 way between Myrtle Creek and Redding. There was lots of smoke in the area. I drove past many, many acres of burned out forest. Because of the smoke, 14,162 foot Mount Shasta is just barely visible from the Vista Point on I-5 just north of Yreka. Click here to view photos I posted last year on Yelp.
Because of smoke in the air Mount Shasta is barely visible.
Larry with Mount Shasta in the background.
A view of the traffic on I-5 from the vista point. Lots of smoke in the air.

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