Trip USA 2018 - Indio, CA
Stage 13

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Monday, November 12 - There were 10 skins players. I had one tied birdie and lots of 'shanks'. Played with Ron Holmwall, Ron Davis, Ron Gunn and Cliff Pearce. Ron Gunn had one skin. Larry Vickers aced the 9th hole and won $4.50 for the effort. Jerry Phillips had a good day with 3 skins. I lost $2.50. It was a chilly day when we started but warmed up nicely by the time we finished.
Saturday, November 10 - Our RCB scrambles team consisted of me, Barry Walsh, Randy Behrens, Lori Grand and Luretta Harvey. We played exceptionally well. We started on the 2nd hole. We had 11 consecutive birdies. Finished with 15 birdies. Had a score of 39. We took first place, but by just one stroke, and won $8 each. Buy-in was $2 so we netted $6. Click the results graphic to see the full results. Lori had 3 birdies on her own ball. Luretta had 2. There were 71 players mostly in 5 somes. It was a sunny, cool morning with temperatures in the low 50s but warmed up to the mid 80s by the time we finished.
The Winners. Click here to see full results.

Wednesday, November 7
- The RCB Men's Golf Club opening day format was individual play -  count your own ball. I played with Jerry Phillips, Dave Lozano, Doug Murray and Rodger Weise. I had a 68 - not good. Playing well: Dave [55 won $8], Jerry [56 won $4] and Doug [59 won $2]. There were 77 players mostly in 5 somes. It was a very sunny day with temperatures in the high 60s when we started and reached the mid 80s by the time we finished.
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Monday, November 5
- We had seven guys play the Monday Skins game. I had 2 birdies good for skins, which means that I made $3. There were 6 other skins so I lost $1.50 on those and netted $1.50 for the day. Played with Ron Davis, Randy Behrens and Ron Gunn. Ron Gunn played well - he had 4 birdies with 3 for a skin. He was today's big winner.

Saturday, November 3
- Today was opening day for the RCB golf course. There was a very large turnout. About 180 players in 23 eight-somes.  My teammates were Kay Rayment, Erkle Howe, Brant Macnab, Jim Sheppard, Gary Barth, Kathy Forcum and Don McCarthy. Our team had a 49, 5 birdies. The only prize to be had today was a hole-in-one. There was no hole-in-one so the prize money was put into the raffle. Kay came by and handed me $10 which I won during the raffle. It was in the low 60's when we started so a jacket was needed but it got into the low 90's by the time we finished.

Thursday, November 1
- Back at Rancho Casa Blanca, Indio, CA. It is an Adult Lifestyle RV Resort & Country Club in the Coachella Valley. The resort has a nice 18 hole par 3 golf course. In space 357 again - this is the fourth season on this pad.  Here for the winter - will leave next April 1st. The resort has 800 RV pads. People own their pad and most of them have put a single-wide mobile home on it. The homes are also called 'park-models'. Resort elevation is below sea level at negative 91 feet.
Rancho Casa Blanca - Google Earth View - Click to Enlarge

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