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Sunday, March 31 - Mary Ann had an 'end of season' party on her patio on Sunday. Aprildawn provided narrative:
In the late evening hours or March 31, a group of unsuspecting partygoers were victims of an international band of hooligans on a “crime spree”. What started out as a quiet evening of drinks and Hors d’oeuvres, quickly escalated as the suspects drew their weapons on friends & family. Many of the innocent were caught in the crossfire as they tried to flee to safety. “People were hiding behind tables, Palm trees, friends... whatever they could find! No one was safe!” described one eye witness. Local aid groups reported a shortage of terry cloth after the influx of victims, and were forced to begin using various disposable absorbent items as a last resort. Many were seen attempting to use napkins or Kleenex to assist the assaulted while the less fortunate were forced to simply “air dry” in the desert heat. The hooligans were never apprehended, nor were their weapons recovered with the exception of one which repeatedly misfired leaving its owner sputtering in his own ammunition. Many of the group were seen speeding off at excessive speeds of 11+ miles per hour. It’s believed they are also known to remain rowdy up to 10 minutes past the local quiet time curfew. These and other patterns of lawlessness have helped us to identify some of the suspects. If you happen to see any of these suspects, please approach with caution, keeping in mind they may still be armed. A couple of the instigators were overheard stating the desire to remain within the area for the next 30 days, while others were heard plotting to leave immediately. It is believed they may be splitting up to form other “terrorist” cells around the continent. Many of them are known to infiltrate groups of unsuspecting individuals merely trying to enjoy a casual happy hour and/or “patio party”. If you suspect that you may be aquatinted with any of these hooligans, do not contact local security. They have taken a “hands off” approach and declared this war “every man for himself”. I repeat, they cannot/will not protect you! Anyone staying in the area is advised to arm themselves and remain alert at all times. There seems to be a correlation between the attacks and rising temperatures.
Mary Ann and Kevin Do Battle
Mary Ann Fills the Pistol

Jana, Mary Ann, Carol, Larry, Kevin, Aprildawn

Saturday, March 30
- Cheri Nason organized an Hawaiian party held at her house on Saturday.
Larry S, Jann, David, Charlene, Cheri, Kevin, Mary Ann, Larry R, Jana
Larry, Cheri

Sunday, March 17
- Aprildawn Smith organized a St Patrick's day cart parade which toured the park and ended up on our street and featured a 'pot-luck' dinner. There were about 50 decorated carts in the parade. And a couple hundred people in attendance.
Aprildawn, Larry, Kevin Smith - Organizers
Cheryl - Organizer
Dave Busby
Walt Carmichael
Happy Celebrants
Larry, Jana, Cheri, Mary Ann, Rachelle enjoy the Festivities
Tossing Washers
Winning Decorated Float
Bob and Larry in the Parade
Becky and Loren Provided the Cart for the Parade
Some of the Hundreds of Participants
Party Headquarters - Smitty's Irish Pub

Saturday, March 16
- We celebrated St Patrick's day at neighbor Larry Smith's Irish Pub. Mary Ann Von Bank made corned beef and cabbage. There were about 20 people who attended.
Larry and Mary Ann
Mary Ann at Smitty's Irish Pub
Jana Vasak, Larry, Mary Ann Selfie.
Larry, Loren Lutz and Mary Ann

Sunday, February 24
- Son Charlie treated us to a nice dinner at the Jackalope Ranch. We were celebrating Jann's 70th birthday - two days early. Jann Sutkowski is Mary Ann Von Bank's sister. Mary Ann is my next door neighbor.
Mary Ann, Jann, Charlie, Larry

Saturday, February 23
- Son Charlie is visiting for a few days. Mary Ann Von Bank organized a 'partial black tie' party for us. There were 18 people who attended. The party was held at neighbor Larry Smith's place. Thanks Mary Ann and Larry.
Larry and Charlie
Kevin Smith and Jana Vasak
Carol Kost with Eddi, her grade school friend.
Charlene Busby

Tuesday, February 12
- I played golf today with Larry Smith, Loren Lutz and Tracie Vanderpan. I played poorly on the front having a 68 but much better on the back with a 62. Tracie is a new neighbor who recently purchased the park model on pad 362. She lives there with her mom.

Thursday, February 7
- I played in the couples Sweetheart Golf Tournament today with Jana Vasak. Joining us were Joe and Joan Vickers and Claude and Donna Huot. Jana's husband Peter does not play golf so she asked me to join her. We played OK but I'm sure not good enough to be in the money. Joe and Joan played well and are probably in the money. Most of the golfers were dressed in red and white. It was a very cold morning with temperatures in the high 30s when we started and only got into the low 60s by the time we finished. There was a 45 minute frost delay.

Tuesday, January 15
-  An impromptu birthday party was held for Jana Vasak. It was hosted at Larry Smith's house. She is '39'. About 20 people showed up.
Kevin takes a photo of the 39 birthday cake.
Aprildawn hands a plate to Jana.
Mercy and Mary Ann discuss the event.

Saturday, January 12
-  We celebrated Aprildawn Smith's 46th birthday at the Wildest Greens restaurant on El Paseo in Palm Desert. There were 17 of us at the party. Happy birthday Aprildawn. She can be seen in the dark dress at the head of the table in the first group photo. She is my neighbor Larry Smith's daughter-in-law. Next to Aprildawn is her husband Kevin. Upon arriving a winter rain caused a spectacular rainbow which was captured on my iPhone. I had the Bison Burger - it was great.

Tuesday, January 1
- The new year has just started. Thus we begin Trip USA 2019. If you would like to view Trip USA 2018 click here.

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