Trip USA 2019 - Lancaster to Novato, CA 
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April 9 - Brady has just started playing the sax. Ashley continues her mastery of the piano. Brady turned 10 on Saturday. Click here to see a page of birthday photos.
Brady with Sax
Ashley plays the Piano

April 8
- Drove the 180 miles from Chowchilla to the Novato RV Park. Here for a week while visiting with my daughter and her family and my son. I have stayed at this park a number of times in the past. In space 142, elevation 30 feet.

April 6
- At the Lakes RV & Golf Resort in Chowchilla, CA for two nights. Elevation 279 feet. I have stayed at this park a number of times. In site 62 the first night and site 84 the second. I had not made reservations and should have. Cost is pricy - $115.
Site 62, a Lakeside Nose-In

April 5
- I drove the 90 miles from Bakersfield and am at the Elks Lodge in Visalia, CA for a night. Elevation 334 feet. Good 50 amp service. Fee is $20. I stayed here during Trip 2017.

April 3
- At the A Country RV Park in Bakersfield, CA for a couple days. On pad 1, elevation 416 feet. This park uses my software, WebInACan, for their web site. I have stayed here a number of times in the past. Owner Rosie Miller passed away in January. Her daughter Lorinda Olson is now managing the park. I will update the web site during this visit.

April 1
- At the Antelope Valley Fairground RV Park in Lancaster, CA for a couple days. In space 33, elevation 2,300 feet. Neighbors helped with the hookup and send-off.

Brian, Larry S, Jana, Jann, Larry R, Mary Ann

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