Start Windows 95 or Windows NT Using Boot.Ini - November 1997

File Boot.ini defines the operating system to be loaded during the ‘initial load’ process. Boot.Ini was created on my machine when I installed Windows NT 4.0. I discovered, with some help from a Microsoft rep, that the operating system started after the timeout period is always the first system listed in Boot.Ini. So I wrote a VB5 program which copies a Boot.Ini file. Now when I’m running Windows 95 and want to next, automatically, run Windows NT all I have to do is execute CopyBootIni, select the operating system I want as the default, then click the ‘Copy To Boot.Ini’ button. Then I restart the system and go get a cup of coffee while the selected system starts. CopyBootIni makes a backup of the replaced file using a name similar to: Boot.Save19971021110032.Ini


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View All Boot.Ini Files

Click the ‘View All Boot.Ini Files’ to display, using NotePad, the selected files [in this sample: BootWN95.Ini and BootNT40.Ini] and Boot.Ini.

Settings Saved In Registry

Session settings are saved in the registry. CopyBootIni attempts to ‘flip-flop’ the setting. If you are running Windows NT then CopyBootIni sets the radio button to copy the Windows 95 Boot.Ini. The file names are also saved in the registry. Sample registry entries:


Boot.Ini Files

You will need to create two Boot.Ini files, one for Windows NT and one for Windows 95. I created them using Windows NT 4.0, Control Panel, System, Startup/Shutdown, for example:


Copy the files using a new name, for example: Boot.Ini for Windows NT becomes BootNT40.Ini.

Download VB Code

Click here to download the VB Source Code [8k].

Download As Word 97 Document

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