Y2K Consultants Countdown Screen Saver - March 1999

We keep reading in the press that as we get closer to January 1, 2000 a consultant's fee will go higher and higher. As a 'fun' project I wrote a screen saver that increases the hourly rate as each second ticks by. It becomes the tip-of-the-month.

Sample Screen Saver

Sample Y2K Count Down Screen Saver
Y2K Screen Saver

Installing the Screen Saver

After compiling the screen saver, copy it to your windows directory. Rename the extension from 'exe' to 'scr'. Then right click on the desktop to bring up the proprieties dialog. Click the 'Screen Saver' tab. Select Y2KCountDown. Click Settings to show the following dialog:



Property Meaning
Jump Around the Screen Screen text jumps every x minutes.
Every x minutes Jump around the screen this often if 'Jump Around the Screen' is checked.
Random Foreground Text Color Change the foreground text color every time the text jumps.
Foreground Color If 'Random Foreground Text Color' is not checked then you can select the foreground color. Click on the color box to bring up the color picker.
Background Color Click the color box to bring up the color picker dialog.
No Dark Foreground Text Colors Only lighter foreground text colors are used. Colors with RGB settings above 128.
Show Y2K Consultant's Hourly Rate If checked the consultant's information is shown - the bottom half of the text. If not checked it is just a Y2K count down screen saver.
Beginning Date Use this date as the base date for calculation of the hourly rate.
Beginning Hourly Rate The hourly rate associated with the beginning date.
Ending Date Typically January 1, 2000. But could be any date.
Ending Hourly Rate The hourly rate associated with the ending date.

Color Picker

Color Picker Dialog

RegRead Included

modRegistry.bas is used to save and read properties. Click here for more information about RegRead.

Download VB Code

Click here to download the VB 6 Source Code [16k]. Updated 1999/04/20 to fix a 'days remaining' rounding error.

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Updated 2000/10/29