Hand Cursors - Mouse Pointers - October 2002

Cursors [mouse pointers] provide a visual clue to users indicating the state of an application. VB provides a means to change the cursor during design or at run time. I have seen numerous requests in the various news groups for 'hand' cursors. So I have resurrected several hand icons I use, wrote a demo program to show their use and made this the October 2002 Tip-of-the-Month.

The Demo Program

I created a demo VB 6 program that shows 5 hand cursors I have used. The demo:


File Properties Description
HandIE53232.ico 32 x 32 2 Color Captured from Internet Explorer version 5.
HandIE51621.ico 16 x 21 2 Color Captured from Internet Explorer version 5. The same as the above but VB enlarges it so its not really a useful cursor.
Hand3232.ico 32 x 32 16 Color I think this is the cursor distributed with VB.
HandIntuit3232.ico 32 x 32 2 Color I captured this cursor from Quicken - an Intuit product.
HandPointer3232.ico 32 x 32 2 Color I don't know where I found this cursor. I think I modified the first one listed above but moved it to the lower right part of the icon. I think it is the best to use because it is displayed to the right and below the selected item.

The Demo Programs Use These Modules

Module - Click for More Info Description Used in the Demo To
modAddBackSlash.bas Add a backslash to a path if needed. Used to add a backslash to app.path.
modConnectToWebsite.bas Connect to a web site Show this info when Help/Info is selected from the demo.
modInfoAbout.bas Info and about help. Provide help via the web and 'about' info.

Download VB 6 Source Code

Click here to download the VB 6 source code [8k]. Contains VB 6 source code and 5 hand icons.

Also of Interest

Bouncing Golf Ball - Animated Cursor

Some years ago I designed an animated cursor [using MicroAngelo] that shows a golf ball bouncing off a golf club. Tiger has made this famous with his Nike ad. If you would like a copy [1k] then click the preview picture. If you need instructions on how to change a cursor [mouse pointer] click here. This has become a popular download.

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Updated 2002/10/14