Dynamically Add Rows and Columns to an Asp.Net Table - March 2009

The tip-of-the-month shows how to dynamically add rows and columns to an Asp.Net Table. I created an Asp.Net, VB.Net project to demonstrate how to dynamically add rows and columns to the table. The sample creates as many as 20 rows and 6 columns. In this sample 12 rows with 4 columns were created. The sample output:

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The Default Aspx Page

The VB.Net Code

The Operative Code

Private Sub AddTableRow(ByVal iRow As Integer, ByVal oTable As Table)
    Dim oRow As New TableRow
    With oRow
        .BorderWidth = 1
        .ID =
"Row" & iRow
    End With
Private Sub AddTableColumn(ByVal sRowID As String, ByVal iRow As Integer, ByVal iCol As Integer)
Dim oCol As New TableCell
    With oCol
        .Text =
"Row " & Format(iRow, "00") & "; " & "Column " & Format(iCol, "00")
    End With
oRow As TableRow = Me.TableDynamic.FindControl(sRowID)
    If Not oRow Is Nothing Then
    End If

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Updated 2011/04/16