Connect to an MS Access Database Using ADO - April 2009

The tip-of-the-month shows how to connect to an MS Access Database. Connecting is contained in class module cConnectMSAccess.vb. I created an Asp.Net Project [ConnectMSAccess.sln] to demonstrated the process. Demo pages:

Enter the fully qualified name of the database to be opened. Test the existence of the database by clicking the 'Test Connection' button. Display the databases schema using the 'Display Schema for Database' button. The Nwind.mdb database is entered by default. It is optionally distributed with this source code - see below.

The database's tables and associated columns are displayed. Click the 'Another' button to select a different database. ADOX is used to access the tables schema. It is distributed with the source code.

cConnectMSAccess - Methods and Properties

Properties Description Example
connAccess The ADODB.Connection which can be used to access the database.  
sDatabase The database name. Nwind.mdb
sJetProvider The ADODB provider. Default is: "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source="  
sConnectionString The connection string. Built by concatenating sJetProvider with sDatabase.  
Open Open the connection using sConnectionString Returns True if successful
Close Close the opened database. Returns True if successful
TestConnection Test the connection by doing an Open then Close in a Try/Catch routine. Returns True if successful

Download VB.Net Code

Download - VS2005 VB.Net Zipped File  Size 
Connect MS Access and Nwind.mdb 582K
Connect MS Access and no Nwind.mdb 40K

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Updated 2011/04/16